Marketing strategy of trust flow 3 times

traffic has been as a webmaster, marketing, online sellers and so on the topic of concern, because in the online world, traffic is the root cause of the transaction. Do the various methods of network marketing, whether it is SEO, direct advertising or competitive promotion; whether it is through train, Taobao or drilling. Not to increase their exposure to achieve the purpose of drainage.

therefore, in order to attract more traffic, we study all kinds of moves, gexianshentong. Some people fail and others succeed. Many times we do not work hard, or choose the wrong way, more than ninety percent of the successful people believe that the choice is more important than the effort, the flow is also the case. Why is the same traffic, a large number of transactions in the conversion of why a large coffee over the flow can flow, and you are not even the intention? Drainage method on whether Hank? Talk about the flow of the development of civilization today.

one, the flow of 1 times: Pan flow

pan flow refers to the collection of a variety of traffic flow by means of marketing. For example, in direct advertising, website promotion, QQ group, SEO, bidding grey drainage, through a series of means, the flow of every kind of crowd, into their landing point. In the early development of the Internet, the ability to distinguish users is not strong, scammers are not so much, the computer technology is not advanced, coupled with today’s portal have a large coffee at that time is still in the development phase. Thus, access to traffic is very easy.

therefore, Google advertising alliance (the highest Commission) led by many advertising alliance, becoming the first network of gold to make money tools. For those who are now network marketing big coffee get first pot of gold, laid the foundation for today’s success. For a time, traffic is king, saying the Internet circles, as long as there is a flow of money can be made in the era of universal traffic.

two, flow of 2 times: accurate flow

with the improvement of the quality of Internet users and the sound of advertising alliance technology, want to get a lot of traffic through a number of means of violence has become extremely difficult to achieve. Hank had a friend asked "I webmaster web site on hundreds of thousands of traffic, website promotion of some products or advertising, the monthly income is not thousands, how to do?" for the real example, just want to tell you, the flow era outdated. Everyone is "a look that is advertising, who will go to the point of


so there is no universal flow, big coffee put forward the concept of precise traffic. Such as selling mask, to find a lot of cosmetic group, forum, or the establishment of their own people. Then various mask in advertising, or a group of friends one by one and again friends, then give them one to one of the advertisers, obviously, certainly better than pan flow effect is good, it will have some turnover. Also let a group of gold to make money, the most representative is Taobao.

let users confused?

with more and more people to do so, the harassment caused by everyone is also growing, the transaction will become >

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