The wind on the cliffs of those wonderful, famous, let you cry P2P foot event

on the cliff outlet, that is the hot Internet banking, this is all high cliff climbing, here is the abyss.

2014 2015 unrest, run away in arrogance, regulatory policy has failed to give the environment, net loan field staged a financial Internet carnival, the background of the platform continue to emerge, "play" the number of listed capital continued proliferation, run away more and more "natural and unrestrained posture"……

2014, the net Campbell, science news network

run away

supervision of sudden death, exhausted, burned to death, the cost of money, and caused the death of a slow death for bad run be eaten fish…… P2P net loan day is not good.

2014, on-line only 4 months net Campbell in June 4th quietly closed.

June 9, 2014, branch Xun network maintenance system released announcement, June 10th, stressed the need to restore the site of branch Xun network 3, as of June 12th, the micro-blog platform in the enterprise authentication account has been emptied of all information, customer service display machine speech system is being upgraded, please wait patiently".

yeah, that’s right. Run.

in June 2015, this little money is not, I have to stage a comeback of

in March last year, Shanghai hosted equity trading center listed Shanghai Gong letter Asset Management Co boss Liu Liping, escaped about 8000000 yuan run away.

is the most arrogant 90 with capital company boss Zhu Zhenlin, released in June 15, 2015 announcement: "run away this money can not be returned to you, how much money you say is not bad, I want to stage a comeback, need the money, you can not also, I now go back home, do not come to me, for I will not give you. It is hereby announced"

!This company is run away

Ao Jiaocheng drunk, but don’t worry, and even the idea, please continue to look down.

December 2015, 95% project fraud, illegal suction gold 50 billion

within a year and a half of illegal suction gold about 50000000000 victims, 900 thousand investors, when Ding Ning sent men and the beauty of family villas, luxury cars, diamond rings and so on a total of more than 10……

e rent Bao Ding Ning actual control of cash, real estate, gift, luxury vehicles of others worth more than 10 yuan. Only one person Aman Chang, Ding Ning in addition to give the value of 130 million yuan, the value of 12 million Singapore villa to the pink diamond ring and luxury cars, watches and other gifts, she also has "reward" 550 million yuan.

in the detention center, known as the Internet financial first beauty President Aman Chang of gaunt, "cried with deep hatred and resentment of dozens of office secretary to the LV shop, Hermes store bought……"

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