Guangxi cracked hacking website spread false information

Guangxi City, Nanning public security organs after careful investigation, successfully cracked a hacker intrusion of government websites to spread false information.

May 31st, on June 1st, 2, Guangxi Seismological Bureau official website was attacked by hackers. Hackers tampering with the site data, the release of false information will be an earthquake in the near future. After receiving the report, the Nanning municipal public security organs immediately set up a task force to carry out investigation work. June 4th, the task force in Jiangsu, Taicang, the suspect Chen captured. Under questioning, Chen confessed his illegal attack Guangxi earthquake disaster reduction network behavior. Currently, the case is under further investigation.

Shaanxi earthquake information network was hacked after emergency rumor


Western network

the night of May 29th, hackers have attacked the Shaanxi earthquake information website in the website home page issued a "false information will have a strong earthquake", Shaanxi Seismological Bureau issued an emergency message rumor.

around 22 in May 29th, the reporter visited the Shaanxi Seismological Bureau website, has been unable to see the normal seismic information page. There are only two lines of simple text on the page, at 20:53 on May 29, 2008, Shaanxi earthquake information network was released by the earthquake rumors, please do not believe the general public."

since the 512 earthquake occurred in Sichuan Wenchuan, Shaanxi earthquake information network has been sustained attention of users, and even because of the high amount of access and can not successfully open the page.

on the evening of 28 Shaanxi earthquake information network has encountered the first hacker attack since the Wenchuan earthquake, the hacker left an article entitled "significant security vulnerabilities website" information on the website home page, site staff were handled timely. Around 20:53 on May 29th, the Shaanxi earthquake information network was attacked by hackers, the site was posted on the home page, Shaanxi and other places there will be a strong earthquake false information. Soon, the Shaanxi Seismological Bureau of the phone was hit burst, a lot of people eager to verify this news is true.

after the incident, the Seismological Bureau of Shaanxi Province on the one hand to take measures, emergency rumor release information on the site; a release through the western network and Shaanxi TV and other media notice, to remind the general public do not believe, do not spread rumors. Subsequently, the Shaanxi provincial emergency response office and the Shaanxi Seismological Bureau also issued an emergency notice to inform the public not to believe rumors, to maintain a normal order of life.

it is understood that the Shaanxi Seismological Bureau has reported suffering a hacker attack to the police, and temporarily halted the Shaanxi earthquake earthquake information network query service. Seismological Bureau staff expressed strong condemnation of the practice of hackers. Western network will also keep close attention to this incident.

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