Baidu launched a new advertising management system Baidu advertising housekeeper profile


is Baidu advertising housekeeper recently launched an advertising management system, is currently in beta stage, Baidu union members can apply for online account.

Baidu advertising steward and Baidu alliance does not matter, but also different from Ali’s mother, Google adsence advertising alliance. Baidu advertising Butler is a new concept of the product, simply put, is a precise delivery, management advertising platform.

The use of

Baidu advertising steward is more complex. First, you need to set up the site advertising and advertising content, and then put the advertising and advertising related to the last two pieces of code, insert the corresponding site source code. Each of these settings have a number of personalized options, it is also a powerful place Baidu advertising steward.


the following figure shows the corresponding function of the menu location, according to this process, you can understand the Baidu ad butler.


simple trial, the introduction of a few I think more practical features:

(1) accurate launch

can be based on the visitor’s area, access, visit time, browser, browser language, operating system, computer resolution, source domain, were interviewed URL, respectively, advertising. For example, an advertisement is only open to users in Beijing, then only need to set up an effective advertising area for Beijing can be achieved.

(2) according to the automatic management of advertising strategy

advertisers can according to daily, according to the show, click the 3 mainstream billing three ways to set advertising, Baidu ads according to the properties of different advertising Housekeeper on advertising management.

For example,

daily show, after the specified date, it will automatically replace advertising. Click on the show, you can set the total amount, and click on the unit price, Baidu advertising manager will automatically calculate the account balance, when the balance is insufficient to stop advertising.

(3) free advertising pictures, flash space

can be free to store advertising pictures, flash to Baidu space, save traffic, speed up the site display.

(4) provides a detailed report of the amount of advertising display, click rate

(5) all ads in the Baidu advertising manager

use Baidu advertising housekeeper, no longer because of the change of advertising and modify the source code, there is no need to modify the background, all the advertising operations are completed in the advertising housekeeper.

(6) more practical features have yet to be found…

I tried, the first feeling is that Baidu is finally going to do a thing for the majority of the webmaster, the background of a large number of Ajax technology, the use of

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