Yaya shopping search by VentureRepublic venture

webmaster network August 19th news, buy ETS’s online comparison shopping site Yaya shopping search (Askyaya.com) yesterday won the Japan Venture Republic did not disclose the specific amount of investment risk. The previous round of investment to buy ETS also participated in this round of financing. After the buy ETS won the Artis capital management group, the private investor risk investment.


ETS was founded in 2004, provides product reviews and comparison shopping service, Yaya shopping search was founded in April 2005, to provide goods for the user query, comparison, shopping and other services. May 23, 2007 buy ETS acquisition Yaya shopping search, after the integration of the two sides is the largest comparison shopping site.

Venture Republic is the largest shareholder of the Japanese MITSUBISHI company, investment comparison shopping site Noceno, the successful listing of August 2008 in Japan, is one of the famous Japanese comparison shopping site. The VR capital investment, will not only provide funds to buy ETS, will also provide a comparison shopping search market experience.

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