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"you are a liar?" this is Jia Yuhao is the most frequently asked questions, he had to take photos and videos of these witnesses and evidence to the web, to prove that he is indeed an inn in Tibet decoration. "We can’t prove that we’re not liars." In February 8th, Jia Yuhao launched a project called "come together to decorate our inn" on a web site called "roll up". In addition to furniture, users can also direct subsidy of RMB, the amount ranging from 20 yuan to 500 yuan, as long as you click on the support of 20 yuan, net payment window jumped out, enter your card number and password, you can get 20 yuan of money to call time. Jia Yuhao set up a target of 1000 yuan, in April 8th to reach the amount of donations after the user, the name of the time can be obtained from the sponsorship fund.

is not the same as the ordinary financing platform, the name of the time network project owners also seek physical or spiritual support through the internet.

writer Wu ang also named in the time of the sale of their products – "hand sewn beauty: SHU surrounding Apple condom, different hand sewn products set a different price low, 10 yuan, 5000 yuan to buy high, different grades of products can get different rewards, such as blog, thanks iPhone sets, iPad sets, notebook set, signature books. The 5000 set of the most expensive set up by Wu ang, in addition to get "SHU handmade products across the board", but also can be "SHU hand founder Wu Kai dinner once". At present, there are 95 people to support the product of a total of Wu Kai paid a total of $6664, much higher than the amount of money set aside for the Witch of the $6000.

The highest amount of

financing is a suffering from cancer of the girl, her main product is himself in the hospital works "go" tumor gentleman comic books and T-shirts and other peripheral products. She got 4025 people a total of $326640 support.

‘s most romantic project, a designer from California, USA, wants to propose to his girlfriend and collect "the actor" on the Internet to send him a postcard. He returns very localization: support 13 yuan can get us a postcard and hostess free us purchasing one; the support of 99 yuan for the users can enjoy the master to provide free one night accommodation in the travel to Losangeles, "and I personally at welcoming dinner". The project is not over yet, and the owner has received a lot of postcards.

named time online for a total of more than and 200 projects and so on, the design works mainly by hand up to 40; to raise funds on behalf of the documentary film project is 25; there are 31 travel related projects, to raise tolls to travel or collecting goods Decoration Travel >

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