Li Xiaodong CN domain name open for personal registration trend

news April 26th, Internet Information Center (CNNIC) deputy director Li Xiaodong answered in micro-blog said yesterday that the netizen "what time open to registered CN domain, CN domain name" that open is the trend, this is called "sooner or later". At the same time, said the CN domain stock fell very anxious, the future of the CN domain name, the confidence to return to the world’s first."

CNNIC to start at 9 a.m. on December 14, 2009, stop personal registration CN domain name. But when to re register CN domain name registration has been the focus of the industry. In this regard, Li Xiaodong expressed his views, he believes that the opening of the CN domain name is sooner or later, is the trend of the times.

latest statistics show that.CN domain names in the domain name of the country has dropped from the world’s top fifth or sixth. As of February 28, 2011, the number of Chinese.CN domain name registration was 3 million 379 thousand and 441. Compared with the peak number 13 million 459 thousand and 133,.CN domain number decreased by about 10000000.

on the CN domain stock fell sharply, Li Xiaodong said he is also very anxious, but optimistic about the future of the CN domain name, to return to the world’s first confidence.

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