The era of information allows us to use the power of the network to promote China

June 20th, when general secretary Hu Jintao came to the people’s network, online communication with users, the history of China’s Internet opened a new page.

this is a memorable and exciting moment.

Looking back on the Internet in the

Chinese Fengshengshuiqi the extraordinary journey. Ten years later, one of the information age, Fen step 65th, let the new technology in the 5000 years of ancient civilization living water inrush, and eventually became a surge high and sweep forward potential. 230 million active participants during the achievement of China’s number of Internet users in the world’s first position.

said Chinese from Internet Network fancier entertainment tool, quickly evolved into the expression of public opinion square. China’s existing BBS Forum 1 million 300 thousand, the size of the world’s first. The prosperity of the network has greatly expanded the public opinion space of Chinese society, and has deeply influenced the formation mechanism and the way of communication of the public opinion, and has affected every aspect of social life.

glad the new invention of the Internet from the information age, to promote the progress of a new platform for governance. Your suggestion is very good. I have seen it on the internet." SARS outbreak in 2003, the general secretary of the response to the Internet users, passed the Party Central Committee attaches great importance to the determination of the Internet and the network of public opinion, a firm of hundreds of millions of Internet users through the network to participate in the country’s confidence. In the people-oriented concept of governance, young network, close affinity with after 80 years of vicissitudes of a political party. The Internet has become a new way of mass culture communication, a new platform for social public service, and a new channel for political participation.

general secretary also netizens! "Will take the time to try the Internet", "carefully read, to study" out of the net posts, the Internet as an important channel for the understanding of the people, the people together ". This information reflects the party and the government to promote the scientific and democratic decision-making vision through the Internet, let people review seventeenbig clear and firm voice: "from all levels and in all fields to expand citizens’ Orderly Political participation".

significantly, the network of public opinion and vigorous policymaker simou, in many aspects of harmony, so the Internet has become a constructive force for the progress of social civilization Chinese. The "Sun Zhigang case" from Guangzhou to Chongqing "Pengshui poem case", from the fight against snow disaster to the Olympic torch relay, in recent years, the power of the Internet has been fully revealed. In the earthquake relief work to make the world moving and heroic exploits in national tragedy, the Internet also more copy from rolia inspiring.

all this, witnessed the great influence of the network, to remind us of a new pattern to guide public opinion, public information, the administrative transparency gradually advancing today, through the Internet can broaden the expression of public opinion channel, build fast communication platform, not only is the ability to govern consideration, more is to test the idea of ruling people oriented.

now, general secretary of a direct dialogue with netizens, hundreds of millions of Internet users see a kind of responsibility, a strong signal is also the leading cadres at all levels a hint, imply that the information age has come !

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