Civilink and CNNC joint statement leniency Jurisprudence

news January 30th, during January 27, 2010 to January 29th about 17:00 11:30 unable to access the external, will not be able to access the external network said in a statement said the notice is to lock the domain name today is about Shun net off the event, civilink and CNNIC to develop combined with the latest statement.

Chinese Internet Network Information Center and Chinese nets strict implementation of the provisions of the competent authorities, will not be tolerated in any jurisprudence site

Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) as the national domain name registration authority, Chinese nets as the largest domain name service provider, has been strictly implement the provisions of the government and the competent departments, undertake social public responsibility, strengthen the protection of youth, and the Internet application method to provide high quality services support. In the Internet information campaigns, CNNIC and Chinese civilink actively cooperate with the government and the competent departments of the work, in the master conclusive evidence, in accordance with the provisions of the competent authorities resolutely, immediately take positive and effective measures.

CNNIC and Chinese million net site managers hope, jointly assume the social responsibility, and jointly create a healthy green network cultural environment for the majority of Internet users.

CNNIC and China nets against Internet applications as in the past will be bad, for legal application, for the development of the Internet service China.

Chinese Internet Network Information Center Beijing kuancom Network Technology Co. Ltd.

January 30, 2010

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