Electricity supplier competition era big data strategy butterfly strategy

had a sensation in the world of meteorological events: "one in the Xishuangbanna area Chinese butterfly, Gesanchaiwu swing wings, Japan can cause a tornado in just 14 days later." I said that we will recall the butterfly effect. The principle of the butterfly effect is: swinging movement of the wings, making the air system butterflies change, and continue to produce weak airflow, and the faint production of air current will cause the surrounding air or other system changes, caused by the chain reaction, eventually lead to great changes in other systems. The butterfly effect is also known as the avalanche effect. What do you mean? A very small snowball can lead to an avalanche. So I think that nothing can be more perfect than the butterfly effect to express the era of electricity supplier "big data assets" business strategy, all major changes are just the result of the accumulation of a series of data, and this series of original data to the starting point, is the butterfly effect in the butterfly swing a few small action. In 1960s, Lorenz, an expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, set up 13 equations to simulate changes in the earth’s atmosphere. When Lorenz was in a calculation, he made four to five decimal places of the original data in the last fourth places. Lorenz: very small differences would be startled at, "a Chinese meter before and after in Xishuangbanna butterfly, occasionally flapping wings, can cause a tornado in Japan in two weeks. The problem is that Lorenz’s formula, the error is in the form of exponential growth, in this case, it seems that only a small error with the passage of the enormous consequences. The key to the butterfly effect is that its wings swing in a "exponential" field.

micro-blog system is the most simple and powerful Chinese Internet Index effect". Even if only a handful of people the number of fans, wrote a very interesting micro-blog, but was more fans who forwarded, eventually forming a forwarding chain, eventually formed a "butterfly effect". Do we still remember the Red Cross Society of China has been a devastating blow to the Jocie Guo incident, in fact, the incident is a very simple Butterfly Effect of the Jocie Guo. The number of fans, Jocie Guo is not much, but through her own micro-blog to "show the rich", but her "Red Cross" "general manager" in the name of micro-blog users nerve produced a huge stimulus, thus forming a "butterfly effect". We have micro-blog enterprises in the "Butterfly Effect" and what inspiration, because now that there is such a person like micro-blog and between the customer and the customer between the "index dissemination effect", so, the most important business strategy, is a unique customer value point lock, do a non-stop swing wings of butterflies, so that our enterprises to create a huge butterfly effect on the internet. This is what the author said, there is no more effective than the butterfly effect to express the big data assets strategy, create a point under the line, forming a

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