2016 how to build the latest nternet Co market operation team

someone asked, what is Entrepreneurship?.


market operations team to build


combat team, sometimes because of leadership surprise leader, also because of some elite team and shine, but most of the time, all depends on the team itself is the team’s leading degree, the organization structure is not can meet market competition condition before, and can make timely adjustment and response to the dynamic market competition.

this requires us to build a team organization structure that is in line with the current reality of the situation, that is concise and practical, but also from the long term, that is, from top to bottom into the system to build the team.

we from the macro and micro, to determine the changes in the market after 2016 Internet Co and operations, so as to build the current and long-term organizational structure to adapt to do the decision-making basis.

at the macro level, the flow of dividends disappear after the market was off more difficult, simple market organizational structure is very difficult to play a huge role, need to improve the professional job market sectors, and strengthen the professional module division to form cooperative combat; retention is more important than for customers, advocate fine operation has become a consensus, and level the overall lack of domestic Internet operators, who have a strong operational capability who could win the future team battle, which makes many Internet Co formed small market operation system.

at the micro level, the core of the Internet media is in decline, and marketing planning, data analysis is returned to the market center of power, which benefited from the content and interaction is becoming important, and the accumulation of huge data connection provides a key basis for the fine operation and user research; content and user operation has become the trend, with content connect the user activity and the game of interests brought the sense of participation is a popular method of operation.

based on these judgments, I on the market and the operation of the two lines were given the corresponding organizational structure recommendations:

market line

core person in charge: Marketing Director

six core groups:

planning group – New Media Group – Media Group – Business Group – Design Group – data set

operating line

core person in charge: Operations Director

four core groups:

product operation group – user operation group – activity planning group – Data Analysis Group

below the organizational structure of the market and operating lines on the overall and detailed description:

market line responsibilities

A, to build the industry’s leading brands, communication and transmission of brand value

B, develop sustainable marketing strategies, build a complete marketing channel


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