American Q & a site Stack Overflow financing $12 million

Beijing on March 9th news, according to foreign media reports, the United States Stack Overflow vertical quiz website (hereinafter referred to as "Stack") announced today, has recently completed the second round of financing, financing amounted to $12 million.

Stack Overflow (Tencent American quiz website technology plan)

Stack was founded in July 2008, headquartered in New York, mainly for computer programmers to provide a range of questions and answers. It is reported that, Stack this round of financing is the main investor is Index Ventures (Spark Capital), spark capital, Guangzhou Investment (Union Square Ventures) and other Vc firm, the original investors wide investment is Stack.

after the completion of a new round of financing, the total amount of Stack financing has reached $18 million. Index partner Neal · Riemer (Neil Rimer), · Bijien spark Capital Partners; Sabet (Bijan Sabet) will join the board of directors of Overflow et al. In addition, in order to better reflect the nature of the site’s service, Stack also decided to change the company name Stack Exchange".

Stack said that the use of new funds, the company will expand the scope of services, and expand the scope of services, such as entering the photo quiz, food quiz and other new business areas. Since last year, U.S. venture capitalists have begun to focus on market growth potential, such as Quora Q & a website. Stack said that since August last year, the site traffic grew by more than 60%, in February this year, its independent user visits nearly 20 million. Stack operates a total of 45 Q & a site, of which 2/3 of the service object for computer programmers.

profit model

currently employs 30 employees, the company mainly relies on the source of the top two sources of income: first, online advertising, and the other is to release the recruitment of information on the Stack website of the enterprise user charges Stack. At present on the Stack website are accounted more than and 500 jobs, if the enterprise users want to publish recruitment information on the site, to pay an annual fee of $5000.

Stack founder and CEO Joel · J Polsky (Joel Spolsky) said that the company last month launched a "Careers 2" service, external developers can take to create personal information, to clarify their computer skills and programming experience, so that employers are more likely to find qualified developers.

J Polsky said: in most cases, startups need to hire one or two developers. Different from the traditional resume, the Stack website provides information that can better reflect the

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