Daily topics NetEase push cross-border electronic business platform to buy Sea red sea sea Amoy koal

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) January 13th news, recently, NetEase cross-border electricity supplier platform to buy a low profile koala online. The site is set up, maternal and child health care, beauty care delicacy and overseas direct mail four categories of goods.

users can log on the NetEase passes, the koala sea purchase website is open, jump out of NetEase CEO Ding Lei’s a few words: "work attitude, be conscientious and do whatever news, email, or electricity supplier, is the same."

koala sea purchase to take their own way, the types of goods will be based on consumer feedback and market demand during the test period to be adjusted, the official line will be more abundant species. In addition, for different users and different products, the koala sea purchase also launched a "free trade zone" overseas direct mail delivery "and" two modes. The former through the platform of centralized procurement will be sent to the domestic bonded warehouse goods, the user can receive the goods after a single 1-3 days, which is certified by the overseas merchant shipping, delivery time in 7-30 days.

this is another attempt in the field of electricity providers NetEase. In September 2012, the NetEase on-line shopping guide platform Huihui network, location is B2C mall, C2C big sellers and other partners to provide effective marketing, accurate advertising marketing advertising solutions; in December of the same year, the NetEase’s health products and nutritional health products network marketing platform NetEase officially launched, this is the commodity trading platform to test the water again real NetEase the.

new users can log in using the NetEase pass, which indicates that NetEase will take advantage of hundreds of millions of users to accumulate mail. However, due to the electricity supplier also involves a variety of aspects, such as products, logistics and supply chain, NetEase had no operational experience in this regard, the specific operation needs further observation.

cross-border import business will lead to a new round of domestic electricity supplier major reshuffle." Honey Amoy founder Xie Wenbin predicted that the future more and more consumers to buy foreign goods, it will gradually reduce the corresponding demand for domestic products, the development speed of big changes in arrival time depends on the education level of the consumer buying habits of imported electricity supplier and industry.

is now the sea scouring the market like a piece of the Red Sea, in addition to the NetEase, before Tmall international, jumei.com also have been testing the waters sea Amoy market, shortly before the SF scouring the sea also officially launched! In this piece of the Red Sea NetEase koala sea purchase future is unpredictable after all the electricity supplier is not NetEase


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