315 do not be illegal websites using fake profit

315 during the last year, sponsored by the network once burst Chinese Electronic Chamber of Commerce "315 consumer complaints network website background is unknown, various qualification is not perfect, the use of consumer complaints information service, compulsory mandatory fees to the enterprise, after the multi sectoral joint shut down. Then, on the Internet set off a wave of illegal profits for illegal 315 sites investigation and exposure of hundreds of illegal 315 rights class website, and have closed. 2011, August, and another netizen found a consumer worry free network quietly appeared on the web site, the content of its website interface and the behavior of the site with the previous closure of the 315 consumer complaints network is quite similar. In the website of the Ministry of information system, click on the 315 consumer complaints network website will jump to the consumer worry free network. Although not found "consumer worry free network" illegal charges delete enterprise negative complaints information, but the Internet Illegal rights website spread, so that users have to site and so on the background and qualification of doubt.

under the guise of illegal website rights up to hundreds of

profit a stirring among the dry bones

315 this year, under the guise of illegal charges 315 delete rights have signs of a stirring among the dry bones website. There are related media survey, only Beijing has such illegal 315 site hundreds, and the country can imagine, but also countless. Admin5 webmaster network editor found through Baidu search "315 rights" and other words, the relevant search results more than one million, XX City, XX number of network Rights Protection Forum, various types of variety, the portal is full of tricks. It is difficult to judge the true background and qualification of the website from the domain name and the website. Full of illegal websites. These sites under the banner of consumer rights, selling consumer complaints to the enterprise, each nearly a thousand dollars; behind the proliferation of channels of refraction activist poor. Such sites can be said to take advantage of the consumer and corporate psychology, and with the help of 315 of the social credibility, can be described as the first to eat three". Three eat, respectively, means that consumers want rights, companies want to establish the image of fear of exposure, the greater the credibility of the 315 social influence. Eat consumer complaints information, corporate public relations fees, 315 credibility, can be described as profiteering industry.

personal website studio to delete posts into the million yuan

illegal 315 sites are mostly personal website nature. A person or even set up a number of similar sites, a few computers a studio, and then hire a few customer service, editors, you can reap huge profits. According to media reports, Beijing a webmaster can set up a studio set up three "315" related websites, rely on several employees collect consumer complaints information, and customer service staff to contact the relevant enterprises, that only need to pay a fee can delete posts to solve problems. One hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars on information charges, one day to delete dozens of information, the daily profit can reach 10000 yuan and even higher. 315 most popular business. Because of the 315 period, counterfeiting activities concentrated, consumer complaints are more, during the exposure of bad information, a huge impact on the enterprise "

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