Copy is not so difficult but you need unremitting accumulation

people drift not beautiful, want to see her face, and look at a person’s face, the most important thing is to look at her eyes. Our products are not attractive, the most important thing is to look at our copy!

copy to cater to both copywriter and brands taste, more to be exposed in front of the market and most people accept the review, good and bad, brands and copywriter to say that not belong to those who buy the right decision.

good product must have cultural aesthetic, no culture is no soul, good product also need to express this kind of culture to consumers, some elements of traditional culture through the design of language will be a lot of tension.

most of the time, the consumer is in "low cognitive mode", they are too lazy to understand in detail and compare products, more simply with the product itself is independent of the external factors to the judgment of "the brand, do not hang me, buy this!" "foreign goods than domestic good, buy the


this time, if you still blindly shouting slogans, it is impossible to win. If the brand has a disadvantage, then use the product supplement!

you need to point out that the benefits of your products can give specific to each other. We take Durex for example, a lot of copy and they received posters.

look at the copy, but really bland, with Durex products and "thanks", give a person a kind of find everything fresh and new visual effects. Can also deepen the brand image and product features. Sometimes word games and graphics games make writing a lot more interesting. If you really can not think of a copy of the product, you may wish to disassemble a look at. In the process of dismantling will have a different harvest.

copy to image, we must first find out what is abstract. Dream, hope, life, imagination, etc. These are the ultimate, abstract words. Such words let the text become empty, into a false slogan.

What is the

image of the vocabulary, usually in reality, there is a kind of physical control, can make people associate. For example, her eyes, egg noun.

" the only thing you need to worry about is how to explain to children, the day after tomorrow will be " the beautiful shape of the information described by cleverly dramatic effects on their own, not just the expression of facts, and with the family life of the map to represent both straightforward and lack of interest. And before a blunt than up, this copy immediately many points.

is a very common course name: "a class to make you a master of finance. "3 hours to become a marketing expert. Et al.

or some of the goods often say: "eat immediately improve fatigue problems. Run out of your trouble right now. "Put on immediately

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