New site on-line 1 hours how to get 5000P traffic

a lot of friends to do more than 1 years or even a few years of the site, Alexa ranking is still millions of millions of levels, the real traffic (UV/IP) is less pitiful. In this paper, I share the promotion of new sites on the line. New site on-line 1 hours, counting on the search engine included, ranking is not possible. But the new station has no fame, no promotion channels, how to quickly get traffic? My method is a simple forum, post bar post. This may see some friends very disappointed, forum posting is now easy to be deleted, users of this advertising behavior has also been hated in a flagrant way and has strong ability to distinguish, where to go, how can we truly have the effect? This is what I want to emphasize. Seemingly ordinary promotion, in fact, any kind of extreme can bring huge traffic.

we know, now it is to think of the forum, Tianya, Baidu Post Bar, etc. the most popular interactive community. But the monitoring of large communities are generally very perfect, especially Baidu Post Bar, host system management, not only post easily delete the Lord may even lead to account was blocked Baidu. So many users new online also everywhere crazy to post, but made a few found themselves do futile, tired not to say, no other users post was seen, the strangled eye monitoring personnel! Resentment but also a lot of frustration, also lost the basic way to promote this confidence.

I still often use this basic way of posting in a variety of large-scale forum to do promotion, and achieved good results. A few days ago, a post, but also in the 1 hours before being deleted to bring 5000IP, do not believe that friends can ask me to ask for screenshots, in this summary of the following tips for your reference:

1, the post title must be better. For example, a few days ago I mainly use the future emperor this hot events related to the promotion, Post Bar, posted a "future emperor was a woman, the legs as discovered network", this title is very good with the current hot spots, and the introduction of beauty, stockings, legs and other eye ball elements. Although I only want to promote a link in the post, and open the link we see only a pure funny pictures. But the eye-catching element is reached for the entertainment site, the title of the party is harmless, at the most is the entertainment users.

2, the Post Bar (Forum) must be in the tepid forum, the forum management is too strict to fire to be deleted, no popular forum simply do not come with the flow section effect is tepid and relevant to the theme is very good.

3, after posting to keep the top paste. You know a post published to the popular forum, a few minutes post may be heavy, in order to get more exposure and click rate, we need to constantly transform the vest on the top post, even in reply post introducing controversial topic, attracting discussion. I like this post on the use of Baidu’s more than and 20 vest ceaselessly top, and deliberately scolded in the post.

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