The breakdown of the glory of the year of network promotion taboo

this article said that the network promotion, mainly for the promotion of e-commerce sites, other types of website promotion is not within the scope of the discussion. Today, more and more e-commerce sites, many traditional companies want to share a cup of tea, I do not know the water is very deep, accidentally, it may drown, such a precedent is not in the minority. From time to time to hear a traditional enterprises involved in e-commerce, such as going to come up with a few million on the accuracy of messages and not hearsay, I don’t know, but every few days, always in Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other major portals or Phoenix video website to see some well-known e-commerce platform to start a large-scale advertising so, I had to sigh the rich traditional enterprise, just over a period of time, you can find these e-commerce sites do not know when it has disappeared, just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum gradually forgotten. The most representative of the specific electronic business platform:

1, living decoding

lives mainly in the online sales based decoding trousers, shirt, tie, belt and other products, the advertising is overwhelming, in each big portal can often see its shadow, then slowly fade out of sight. And now, the name of the site has also been changed to one hundred round pants industry, smashed so many ads, basically white cast.

2, the winner shoes

shoes to the winner online sales of leather products, the winner of a shoe, called the industry benchmark in the field of leather shoes is not an exaggeration, in several major portals and Tianya cast a lot of advertising, who had become impatient 1:00, many of the business model to imitate. A few years later, when I once again reminded the winner shoes, and is rumored to have been eight days shopping with, its website has also changed its name to the eight day of shopping, not only sell shoes, even small appliances, clothing sold.

3, PPG

PPG was founded in 2005, is known as the shirt online sales platform, but in December 2009 completely closed. PPG at the beginning of the establishment, from the network media, and traditional media advertising, almost everywhere, like today’s guest. PPG early sales have to speed the linear growth alarming, who soon exposed the poor operating conditions, capital chain rupture, eventually closed.

3, 8848

may even have many 80 90 listen to the first person said this Chinese electronic commerce, now defunct industry leader, 8848 was the height of the Mount Everest, the glorious period as the world first peak, leading to the world, and now, enter the domain name, is a Taobao gold crown stores the navigation station.

e-commerce platform restructuring or closure, mainly related to the whole team management are closely related, but some of its network marketing cost control unfavorable greatly, network marketing costs as one of the essential expenditure in business operation, investment is too small, not to promote sales, "

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