Web site to promote the need to have three basic elements

website SEO optimization in the chain promotion, soft Wen promotion is one of the best ways. There is a proverb: "long", good soft Wen will be able to play this, imagine, a good soft Wen title contains keywords, to promote the spread of effective, and search engine included words, as long as the user in the search engine input relevant keywords, then very likely you can search to this article, and it is not limited by time, take a blog, update an article, one or two years or even longer, this blog is still pure, as long as the user needs, input keywords and soft Wen Title matches or nearly unlimited, so you can find this article, so long soft can play a role, this is the biggest advantage of soft promotion, so the owners need to have a certain writing ability, at least, the website every month to keep 2- 3 soft Wen update.

in the era of information explosion, written a soft Wen is not an easy thing, but as long as keep writing, always see the effect of the days and months multiplying. So, write a soft Wen, is not too difficult thing, for example, a good title even if the success of the soft half, then, web site soft Wen promotion need to have what three elements?

the first element, we must pay attention to the title of soft wen. Considering the simplicity of the title is very difficult to obtain the favor of search engine, therefore, to discuss the form of the title should be kept within twenty words, use simple words, allowing users to be able to read the contents of this. In addition, the title must contain keywords, because as a soft, most elaborate a selling point, therefore, must be the product of the keywords organic ingenious fusion which, at the same time, to prevent the soft title and other soft "crash", after the idea of a good soft Wen title, the best use Baidu Search, so you can see no crash, at the same time, also can see a similar title is what merit, learn about, to better meet the user search habits. At the same time, text is a certain tendency, frankly speaking, the soft and the interests of users to have the title of the words "only need only deal, not to show off the soft, so no matter how soft camouflage to achieve its commercial value, the user wants to know is related to their own interests and things, rather than debauch things, so, soft Wen title must have some interests tend to


second elements, soft content respect the user experience. The user experience is a subjective feeling, it is difficult to capture, so as to make an objective description of the third tone on, don’t tell the user what to do, can not be modified products how good, such feelings directly exposed leak, easily cause the reader, the best way. In the description on the pretender, such as a news genre, adept at using the hot events that occurred, amplifiesthat product, because many users purchase, because about specific environment at that time, for example, hot love of the people more concerned about some specific products.

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