Analysis of the use of the user’s greed and desire to do marketing that thing

Recently, Baidu and

360 are much Huan, as in the early months in a "true heart antivirus, security" so-called Thanksgiving activities, one of the links that estimate to attract a lot of users. That is, micro-blog issued 360 intercept Baidu security products to download or install screenshots, you can get a hundred percent free of charge for a Baidu WiFi, although I did not experience the download of the interception of 360. But from the friends around me. Many of them simply did not download and install Baidu antivirus products, but do not cut a figure and then sent to micro-blog, that is, Baidu with this free WiFi tool to make a lot of people to black Baidu competitors. Of course, after the discovery of a lot of people who said that they made more than and 10 days after micro-blog did not see Baidu to their own remuneration, this is not our discussion here. That is to say, Baidu used their own WiFi as a gift to buy tens of thousands of people’s hearts, and to these people passively to combat competitors, and this information is that I am here today to share with you the inspiration of this article.

is now the domestic Internet, many people have the habit of using the free stuff, and a lot of people in the Internet behave very greed. One of the most simple example, there are few people operating system will obediently give money to buy genuine Microsoft, I estimate the China few ordinary Internet users will buy genuine software, it is precisely because of this so there are countless in the domestic Internet piracy software download site, but also very high popularity. The above is an example of the use of Baidu leads to this topic, in fact, Baidu is the use of users like some small cheap, so it is bound to attract a lot of users to.

I think, in the marketing process, many people have been in use by the user desires, such as offline shopping malls to engage in promotional activities, in fact, these things have no ground for blame. Because there is no damage to the interests of their users, but it does give the user a lot of benefits on the surface, that is to achieve a win-win effect. In the Internet, we are in order to promote their products or services are doing so, but usually everyone seems to be very implicitly said, and I am here today to say these things directly. Here are a few examples to talk about the use of the user’s user greed and desire to do marketing. The reason why I am here quotation mark, because I said here is not what we normally think of as a derogatory term, I think it should be a neutral word to look at, because this is not what It’s only human. immoral things.

first, the use of the user’s greed". A few days ago in the twelve, Taobao spent tens of millions to the lottery are a package, and package after the prize money to all users. Who does not love money, do not say to the user, Taobao said the nouveau riche behavior is enough to attract the eye, is actually using the user’s greed, because we are interested in money. It would have been a $two thing who would not care, for example, I lost two dollars will not be sad, but here is not the same as Taobao sent ah, because it is a gift, but also to accompany everyone to play. So >

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