Eliminate spam marketing your share of value

lead: will you release information as your right, not power. Broadly speaking, marketing should be viewed as an opportunity to help others, rather than an excuse to disturb you.

my friend Eileen once raised a cat with a gray stripe called Nimbus. The cat’s favorite hobby is to play a game of hunting in the woods in the backyard, and then put it on the back door of the house. Will all die and open the back door Eileen daily – animal accidentaly across chipmunks, mice and moles or birds.

but no one would blame Nimbus, after all it was just a cat. Than those who used this method of enterprise management people, Nimbus approach is actually responsible for the performance, and usually casual visitor disgusting animal caught up, then put by surprise can be seen in the master’s place to display their skills, which can be regarded as a "marketing".

I’ve collected a number of corporate marketing methods, like the dead body of an animal that has died at your door. Remember, I’m not talking about illegal marketing, such as spam. I’m going to talk about marketing strategies that are made through the development of marketing strategies, which are often in the gray zone between illegal and legal.

adds a new contact to the enterprise’s email list: handshake does not represent acceptance of

have you ever been in a social occasion to meet a person, and exchanged the name card, after the discovery of the people will be added to your email marketing their mailing list, and his company will give you endless send marketing messages? Have you ever also represents your business to do the same thing others, will add to your email address, mailing list? In many areas, people will use this method, however, this approach should not occur.

the right thing to do is to contact each other with the other person’s private email, and to add information about the service or product you can provide in the mail (must be in due course). Or send an invitation to the other side, please subscribe to your marketing email, and to your new friends in detail about your product or service is of any use to him. You can say: after we were on an organic farm dialogue, I think you will be interested in our weekly newsletter, the contents of this mail is about domestic chicken method; can I add you to our email list, you can click on the link to subscribe.

in other words, you have to let the other side willingly accept your marketing email. Don’t take it for granted that the other person is willing to subscribe to your email – even if the other person is the one you like most.

social media automatically updated: the information sent by the robot can not attract others


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