Baidu PPC Search cross bridge copyright infringement

in Baidu search engine keyword "options", the first link is to search for a new era of Beijing happy medical beauty hospital Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "yimei’er medical") official website home page. In a number of media for advertising costs 470 thousand yuan, but did not achieve the desired effect of advertisement of Shisanba Cosmetic Surgery Hospital (hereinafter referred to as "medical options") to sit, to unfair competition, violation of enterprise name right on the grounds of YiMeier medicine and Baidu Online Network Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Baidu online"), Beijing Baidu Netcom Science Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Baidu WebEx") three companies to court, claims of economic losses and reasonable rights fee of nearly 530 thousand yuan.


yesterday, Beijing Chaoyang Court hearing the case, the two sides focus YiMeier medicine and Baidu online, Baidu network of medical tort options. Both parties agree to mediation.

error link to advertising "dashuipiao"

had provided the keyword "

options" of happiness


error link to advertising "dashuipiao"

in July 11, 2006, the founder of the United States and the United States of America medical. The first half of this year, the history of 38 Health launched in a number of media to "search options in front of the beautiful" as the theme of the advertisement, put 47 yuan in advertising. But the release time in advertising, medical advertising options that do not reach the expected effect. Then the medical options through market research found that the search engine keyword "options" in Baidu, search to the first link is the official homepage website YiMeier medicine. So, appeared "consumer search options" see "beautiful" page phenomenon.


did not have any contact with "beautiful medical options" three words, the two party was the same as in the medical beauty hospital, the business scope is basically the same. So the medical options that medical behavior is the YiMeier through Baidu search engine options using medical advertising, not only violates the principle of honesty and credit, deceive the consumers, but also violated the plaintiff’s right to enterprise name, there are serious acts of unfair competition, and to bring the economic loss of medical options.

and Baidu for two related companies to court, medical history 38 believes that Baidu and Baidu online network as Baidu search engine operators together, for the advertising content YiMeier medical publishing should fulfill the obligation to review, and to review the hospital "options" and the relationship between these three words. But in fact, Baidu and Baidu online network did not fulfill this obligation, and therefore should be options medical economic losses are jointly and severally liable.

therefore, the plaintiff medical options presented to the court, acts of unfair competition, ordered the three defendants to immediately stop using the corporate name of the plaintiff, while compensation for medical options >

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