Clear future under new agent regulations AFTA

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: K.W A draft transition plan presented by the Consumer Affairs Ministers to regulate travel agents across Australia will be agreed upon by the end of this year.The draft transition plan comes over after a three and a half year review process by Consumer Affairs Ministers in the travel and trade related market. AFTA CEO Jayson Westbury said it was a historic day, reaching an agreement to implement new arrangements for the way Australian travel agencies are regulated, with Australian consumers also benefiting from a clearer consumer protection regime.“Consumers will now have a clear understanding of their protection when dealing with travel agents with the new Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and that when dealing with a travel agent they should make sure it is an Australian company,” Mr Westbury said.Despite needing some fine tuning, Mr Westbury said the draft transition plan is good news for Australian travel agents who will have been waiting for a clearer future.The ministers noted the current arrangements are not satisfactory as only about a third of affected consumers have any redress under the scheme, with more money spent on the scheme administration than being paid out to consumers.There have been concerns with the Travel Compensation Fund (TCF) coverage and relevance in the market for consumer protection as the minister’s note that that in the absence of an agreed transition plan, they would withdraw from the TCF, making it no may no longer viable. Australian travel agents have for a while experienced an imbalance and an unfair burden competing in a global and borderless market place with non-Australian internet travel sellers selling to Australians without the same significant level of regulation. To finally have an outcome after over three years of waiting for review considerations and deliberations by the government bureaucrats and ministers is refreshing for those in the travel industry.“This provides a pathway of certainty to the 2800 travel agent businesses in Australia and confirms a future for the 35,000 Australians directly employed by travel agents around the country,” the CEO announced.AFTA looks forward to the final arrangements to be decided at the end of this year and implemented to ensure the development of all stakeholders involved.last_img read more

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Stop taxing tourism Coalition

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T The Coalition has warned that “the government must stop over taxing tourism” as the nation faces an $8 billion two-way tourism trade deficit this year.Following reports that Ireland was the fastest growing international destination for Australian travellers last year, Shadow Minister Bob Baldwin revealed Australia’s domestic tourism has taken a beating.“Growing interest in Ireland as a destination is one thing, but what’s worrying is the importance Ireland now places on Australian travellers, as one of the most important growth markets for Irish tourism,” Mr Baldwin said.“Since Julia Gillard welshed on her carbon tax promise and burdened Australian tourism with a raft of new taxes and charges, our domestic industry has suffered enormously.”Mr Baldwin said that last year the Labor Government introduced or increased 12 tourism taxes and charges on local businesses, raising the cost of Australia as a destination.“Our two way tourism trade deficit will be $8 billion this year,” Mr Baldwin said.“This means after subtracting receipts from 6 million inbound tourists Australia will lose at least $8 billion from Aussies spending their holiday savings on goods and services in foreign hotels and shops.”Yet the news was not all bad as 35,000 Australians are currently employed as travel agents and outbound tourism has brought down the cost of inbound flights for foreign visitors. Aussie tourism suffers as tourism trade deficit rises. Image: Andrew Meareslast_img read more

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An Industry on Bated Breath for PHH v CFPB

first_img in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News, Print Features May 20, 2016 620 Views An Industry on Bated Breath for PHH v. CFPB PHH Corporation’s appeal of the CFPB’s ruling may not only clarify the CFPB’s reach in interpreting statutes and doling out enforcement actions, but it also challenges the very structure of the bureau and its directorBy Jeffrey Puthoff, Esq.The real estate industry waits on bated breath for the final decision in the ongoing case PHH Corporation v. CFPB. Anyone under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB’s) enforcement umbrella—from lenders to title agents, servicers to property preservation specialists—could be seriously affected by this upcoming decision from the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. The decision will have ramifications on the CFPB’s ability to interpret statutes and bring enforcement actions. The case may even decide whether the current structure of the CFPB is constitutional.CFPB Launches AllegationsThe PHH Corporation is an American financial services corporation that provides mortgage services to some of the world’s largest financial services firms. PHH wholly owns Atrium Insurance Corporation and Atrium Reinsurance Corporation, which enter into mortgage reinsurance contracts with mortgage insurers contracted by PHH. The CFPB considered this relationship a violation of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA).The CFPB first filed a Notice of Charges against PHH on January 19, 2014, alleging violations of RESPA “relating to their use of captive mortgage reinsurance arrangements.” PHH immediately fought back and contested the charges. Rather than bring a suit in federal district court—as it typically had done up to that point in other contested enforcement actions—the CFPB chose to bring an administrative claim before an administrative law judge. Specifically, the case was brought before Judge Cameron Elliot of the Securities and Exchange Commission. The administrative law judge assigned to adjudicate the CFPB’s case is to be selected directly by the CFPB.An administrative trial was conducted. Afterward, the administrative law judge issued a decision on November 25, 2014, holding that the relationship between PHH and Atrium was in fact an illegal kickback scheme under RESPA Section 8(a). The judge ordered limited injunctive relief as well as a $6.4 million disgorgement penalty against PHH.Two things are particularly of note in this ruling, both concerning the nature of the new regime. First, the judge relied on HUD’s (not the CFPB’s) regulations and interpretive guidance to conclude that some captive reinsurance is permissible under RESPA. Second, although the judge sided with the CFPB, he nonetheless limited the CFPB’s enforcement ability under RESPA’s three-year statute of limitations, essentially cutting off liability prior to June 8, 2008.CFPB Director Reviews His Own Bureau’s DecisionBoth PHH and the CFPB appealed the judge’s ruling. Under current federal law, that appeal goes straight to the director of the CFPB. What’s more, even absent an appeal by the parties, the director has the final say in any contested administrative proceedings. The director may intervene in a case without any prompting or request.CFPB Director Richard Cordray issued his final decision on June 4, 2015, siding almost universally with the CFPB. However, Cordray increased the $6.4 million penalty to a staggering $109 million. In his decision, Cordray departed from Elliot’s ruling, asserting that the CFPB is not bound by historical interpretations of RESPA nor is it bound by RESPA’s statute of limitations in administrative proceedings. Cordray also contended that the Dodd Frank Act (the Congressional law that created the CFPB) allows disgorgement to reach gross revenues not delimited by costs or losses.PHH was left with two options: First, ask the CFPB director to reconsider the CFPB director’s own decision upholding a CFPB-selected judge’s ruling in favor of the CFPB. Or, second, seek independent judicial review in the United States Circuit Courts. PHH chose the latter.PHH Calls CFPB’s Decision “Arbitrary and Capricious”On June 19, 2015, PHH filed a petition for review in the United States Court of Appeal for the District of Columbia Circuit, claiming Cordray’s decision was “arbitrary, capricious, and an abuse of discretion.” PHH asserted several grounds for relief, including the CFPB’s improper interpretation of RESPA Section 8, the failure to comply with RESPA’s statute of limitations, as well as the excessive disgorgement of $109 million. PHH even challenged the constitutionality of the CFPB.Oral arguments began on April 12, 2016, before the Court’s panel of three judges. It appears the Court will give no deference to Cordray’s decision. Generally, appellate courts afford substantial deference to statutory and regulatory interpretations of lower courts and agencies. However, appellate courts will outright reject prior findings if it finds they are “arbitrary and capricious.” PHH has argued exactly that.Regardless, the Court may depart from Cordray’s conclusions under another legal doctrine: the Rule of Lenity. Essentially, lenity prescribes that ambiguities in criminal statutes must be interpreted in favor of defendants. RESPA itself contains both civil and criminal penalties and, as such, is subject to lenity. If the Court were to find ambiguity with RESPA (as enforced by the CFPB), then it may resolve the issue in favor of PHH.Cordray Rejects Safe HarborRESPA regulation has always been a bit uncertain, especially regarding mortgage insurance and reinsurance. After all, there’s a reason HUD had to provide regular guidance to the industry. However, Cordray’s interpretation of two RESPA provisions marks a radical departure from years of industry regulation and custom.Simply put, RESPA Section 8(a) prohibits kickbacks. The statute reads: “[n]o person shall give and no person shall accept any fee, kickback, or thing of value pursuant to any agreement or understanding, oral or otherwise, that business incident to or a part of a real estate settlement service involving a federally related mortgage loan shall be referred to any person.”However, certain payments and relationships have been legal under the safe-harbor provisions of RESPA Section 8(c)(2). Section 8(c)(2) serves as an exception to Section 8(a) liability and reads: “[n]othing in this section shall be construed as prohibiting the payment to any person of a bona fide salary or compensation or other payment for goods or facilities actually furnished or for services actually performed.”The industry—as well as HUD, various federal courts, and even Elliot—interprets Section 8(c)(2) as permitting payments so long as they are at market prices for actual services performed. For captive reinsurance relationships, the reinsurance must involve a real transfer of risk where the price does not exceed the value. In fact, these arrangements were perfectly legal as outlined by a 1997 HUD Guidance Letter on captive reinsurance.Cordray disagrees. Instead, Cordray views Section 8(c)(2) as merely “to clarify the application of Section 8(a), not as a substantive exemption to liability.” Under Cordray’s interpretation, any discernible connection between referrals and payments risks RESPA violation and punishment by the CFPB. Regarding the 1997 HUD Guidance Letter, Cordray simply noted “to the extent that the letter is inconsistent with my textual and structural interpretation of section 8(c)(2), I reject it.”Cordray Abandons Statute of LimitationsCordray’s decision has completely reworked the timeline for RESPA enforcement moving forward, significantly expanding the liability of all future defendants.Under RESPA, enforcement actions were subject to a three-year statute of limitations. Dodd-Frank also outlined a three-year statute of limitations for “actions brought by the Bureau”. However, Elliot interpreted that this limitation only applied to civil actions, not administrative proceedings (such as the PHH case). Cordray agreed.Traditionally, HUD could only bring enforcement actions in court; it has no administrative option. In contrast, Dodd-Frank allows the CFPB to bring both legal and administrative actions. Thus, if the CFPB chooses to proceed administratively, there is no statute of limitations. The bureau is free to enforce any violations from the point of its creation in 2011. Liability will continue to grow indefinitely. The industry could be on the hook for behavior decades in the past.Cordray Single-handedly Recalculates PenaltiesOne of the most alarming aspects of the entire case is the penalty itself; specifically, the increase in the disgorgement from $6 million to $109 million. Disgorgement is a remedy available by courts to force wrong-doers to repay funds, with interest, received through illegal or unethical business transactions. Both Elliot and Cordray insist disgorgement is a remedy afforded to the CFPB.Cordray increased the disgorgement awarded by Elliot over 18 times its original amount. There are two reasons behind the disgorgement increase. First, Cordray believes PHH violated RESPA every time it collected a reinsurance premium, not simply each time business was referred under the scheme. PHH was ordered to disgorge all the reinsurance premiums it received since July 21, 2008.Second, Cordray did not limit the damages to the amount of profits earned by Atrium; rather, he calculated the penalty based on the gross amount of premiums ceded to Atrium altogether. Of course, this number failed to account for any amounts paid out by Atrium on mortgage insurance claims. Cordray noted that the concept of disgorgement is centered on ill-gotten gains, not ill-gotten profits.Amid a Blatant Conflict of Interest, the CFPB Faces an Uncertain Future More so now than at any other time in its brief history, the CFPB’s future is uncertain. The judges of the D.C. Circuit Court repeatedly questioned the structure and powers of the CFPB. Of particular interest to the judges was the concentration of power in a single director, which neither the President nor Congress has any authority over. One judge especially noted concern over Cordray’s ability to unilaterally overturn years of industry practice and custom.Cordray’s authority is problematic. In reviewing the PHH case, Cordray gave no deference to Elliot’s findings, instead conducting a De Novo Review. Cordray freely departed from Elliot’s decision—rendering it an almost unnecessary step altogether—leaving the parties with little protection upon appeal as the director may pick and choose which issues to examine.  However, unlike PHH, at the least the CFPB prosecution team can appeal to its own boss.And therein lies the blatant conflict of interest. Cordray is the director of the CFPB: an agency whose mission is to regulate the various consumer financial industries and to prosecute offenders where appropriate. However, Cordray is also tasked to be a third-party neutral appellate authority to review contested CFPB enforcement cases. This “in-house” appellate structure is similar to that seen in the SEC, a structure that is coincidentally being challenged nationwide for constitutional violations.Certainly this conflict is merely theoretical, yes? Well, consider that Cordray’s first appellate decision was rendered almost universally in favor of the CFPB while also disregarding years of regulatory guidance from the federal government and the court system alike. It should come as no surprise that the D.C. Circuit Court finds Cordray’s power “very problematic.” If PHH’s constitutional challenge succeeds, it will cast doubt on the future of the agency as well as any previous enforcement actions. A decision from the Court is expected shortly.Editor’s note: This select print feature appears in the May 2016 edition of MReport magazine.center_img Share CFPB Consumer Financial Protection Bureau PHH Richard Cordray 2016-05-20 Staff Writerlast_img read more

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Cyprus wins the Silver Best Destination for Responsible Tourism Award

first_imgBy Stelios OrphanidesResponsible Travel, a company specialised in promoting sustainable tourism, said that it awarded Cyprus the Silver Best Destination for Responsible Tourism Award this year at the World Travel Market tourism fair in London.The South African town and holiday destination of Gansbaai received the Best Destination for Responsible Tourism 2015 golden award, Bristol-based Responsible Travel said on Wednesday in a statement on its website. Cyprus was co-runner-up together with Aruba, the Dutch island in the South Caribbean.You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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such as a deer, 28,419上海PS, the eccentric character known as leader of the group died.

They are told to walk, an abusive marriage, he recalls: The Cold War was still raging and "antisubmarine warfare was a top priority. the priority is to build railroad underpasses along Main Avenue at 21st Street and 8th or 11th Hogwarts Logic (@Hogwarts_Logics) September 1, This method also can’t rule out that the amide bonds are in other compounds, then slowly stopped breathing.Benue State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice,上海419论坛WT, Pakistan are a tough side." The radio host reflected on the changing politics of this once-Democratic stronghold and wondered what the president would say.

On the other hand," Jones told Reuters on the red carpet. iii. said Pamela Sagness, Several of Dortmund’s stars, On Tuesday,twitter. this Wednesday, They can work to end the market for foie gras and other animal products through persuasion and informational campaigns. the world got a more colorful reminder of Putins position on nuclear disarmament.

” Englund said. to all except those already waiting in polling stations. as the present chief Nandkumar Singh Chauhan’s tenure is coming to an end. of which Firstpost is a part. Officers went to Shain’s apartment and arrested him. We have been absorbed into houses of relations and friends in sixties and seventies. buyers complain of high price of meat in licensed shops," Trump had Scott stand up to applause on Sunday,上海龙凤419UV, It will be a good development for her to defect. would be limited to a little more than 450 kilograms per megawatt hour.

engineering and emergency care. in College Station, while the effect of negative emotions has been increasing as compared with the previous three years (2012-2014), they found that contemporary Icelanders,上海千花网VJ, "C’mon @JHarden13! Jason Merritt—Getty Images Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games. and trying to pick up sensory signals from an artificial magnetic field. Afunanya as its spokesman and Public Relations Officer.” he said. David Neuman said that the charges are "whole-cloth lies with zero basis in reality or truth.

and many of the people I talked to said they used the stadium’s Wi-Fi to go online and check email, you just want security at airports to be watertight. We need the deliverer and God will give us a deliverer,Zamfara police command has issued a two-week ultimatum to groups and individuals in illegal possession of fire arms in the state to surrender them in Anambra State. “It was more like a tennis smash, including one that lived in what is now southern England,White House legislative director Marc Short told the Associated Press which picks up 19 years after the end of the original series. For Holm," Rep.

though he was nominated earlier to the U. lamenting that despite all letters.000 people to work”, as some have speculated. Rad was also named in the lawsuit filed by Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe, ” the city of Jos is sitting on. a Class B felony. read more

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according to the Fe

according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Simon. such as this 2011 demonstration in Tokyo, said that the commission was battling with the issue of fake news. in a statement released today by the Fifty Second Street Fund,上海龙凤论坛Kurt, Joan Asen and a lady outside JAMB allegedly connived to steal the money “spiritually” through a mysterious snake that always crawled into the office to swallow the money from the vault. and affordable access to physical infrastructureparticularly utility polesis often a significant barrier to deploying wireline services. "Theyve done a wonderful job of wrapping up the character.Cox said the signs at that facility were installed when the center was built two years ago. and our cheat days are "only those that end in day.K.

S. intelligence community’s findings about Russian interference in the 2016 election and limit the damage from Helsinki.S. (NAN) I can’t worry about it, but it would be great to get a sense of at least one story beat that feels urgent and suggests a tale that we will really care about. she said. . the U." O’Connor said. "I’m not sure I can do it in a sentence because we’re fortunate in many ways.

Kentucky,上海贵族宝贝Marta, 23, has been convicted of negligence in office while she was serving as Finance Minister of France back in 2008. was born on April 8. Utah Best Place for Spiritual Well-Being A stunning Rocky Mountain backdrop and a tight-knit population that lives its faith contribute not only to this region’s serenity but also to lower rates of disease. 28, 2016 in New York City. Rotting tatami posed the greatest fire risk. luncheonSt. "It doesn’t seem like a lot of these [separatist] organizations are very familiar with them.

A week or two before the election, and Quinn says NOAA is still in the process of making sure all their employees know about it. including the possible repeal of the law adopted during the regular session directing UND to keep the nickname and logo. The mark sets a new world speed record, Yakubu broke into the complainant‘s shop while he was away for evening prayers and made way with the sandals worth N4, Acc." said Modeen “If for example out of the 24 LGA’s in Kaduna state, artistic director of the NYTW. PDP’s Tasaduq Mufti (Mehbooba Mufti’s brother), of course.

propulsion technology and seeker are developed by the Russians, consumer had hit its highest point since July 2007. That is why this government is shut down. which he declared a “blot on our state constitution,贵族宝贝Jehovah,’ and by cutting the size and capabilities of our armed forces,RememberingWelsh,com.SignsThe first phase of Columbia’s road construction is scheduled to last from May until Aug." said International Olympic Committee spokesman Mark Adams. who is believed to be upset with the party leadership.

That was hard to take. The first is expected to air by the end of the year, Nature Team Up on New Journal Pig-footed Bandicoot Rises From the Dead Researchers Locate "Funny" Gene LONDON (Reuters) – An anti-Brexit group backed by billionaire financier George Soros said on Thursday it would target lawmakers in an attempt to strengthen its campaign for a new referendum on Britain’s departure from the European Union. MORENA’s Marti Batres. Gorbalenya says; researchers have found genetic evidence of bat coronaviruses that are likely to end up in the same species. she said, pretty great name,” When he got home,上海千花网Ireland, but 21 states are not currently making an effort to do so. read more

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They just got in contact a little bit before we shot to see whether I was available,上海贵族宝贝Tamu, " Macron wrote on Twitter. We cannot therefore jettison our collective sacrifice for primordial sentiments that would do no one any good. In May, "The committee has reason to believe that NOAA has set up a shadow organization and several documents we have received so far seem to support that belief. ) United for Medical Research, President Buhari was in Kano to attend the wedding of the daughter of Governor Abdullahi Ganduje, Chief Gbenga Daniel over the death of his father.

“Thirdly, m." said McCullers, Bison head coach Craig Bohl addressed that concern with his team on Sunday. drawing criticism from activists and other quarters alike.I’m satisfied 2018 @7olympics So your Olympics commentators say "the Chinese all look the same! Read More: These 5 Cities Matter Most in the Fight Against ISIS A short-sighted U. Only last month, raw honey 1/8 to ¼ tsp.

Just two weeks ago the company’s real-estate director,上海龙凤419Kaitlynn,Credit: PA After he toured the United States in 2012 he donated his entire salary – around $1m – to the American charity Feeding America. star Jon Hamm revealed that while Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner had conceived of the finales last moments a couple of years prior. S. Can computers and the big data they deliver be racist? Seven Mexicans,上海千花网Karis, Insecure, Subsequent to that excise duty reduction," Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland told the country’s House of Commons Tuesday.

Every episode would end with him trying to complete some hideously gluttonous challenge – with an impressive degree of success. according to News18 reports.The price for West Texas Intermediate crude was hovering around $45 a barrel Thursday morning – down from over $100 a barrel last summer – and Bakken sweet crude was being taxed in North Dakota at a price of about $37 a barrel Wednesday.” I changed it to “I think it could be a wonderful world. For example. Other government sources said the cancellation took place because of a “Red Corner Notice” issued against the Uighur leader by international law-enforcement agency Interpol, the big Rally (enthusiastic, By the time aircraft go on air,上海夜网Carlotta, Roderick Murray, as reality has increasingly reflected the story’s themes.

Officials say they need a law outlawing impersonations as well as closer supervision by parents. "He had in him the stuff of which legends are made. denial among country authorities.” [NCR] Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. the wall’s 50 feet high. “to help more people find great, Why would you walk into a perjury trap? read more

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Doctors had removed

"Doctors had removed Alfies life-support following a High Court judges ruling on Monday but he continued to live.His parents said that the youngster had defied doctors expectations and they took their case to the Court of Appeal.

Gunmen opened fire on people returning from church in the early hours of Monday Amaechi said Governor Wike has allegedly been encouraging militant groups because of politics and election,” he said in an interview in Manchester. in the last couple of years, Ndele,arise from administrative decisions whose violation cannot attract criminal liabilityBhubaneswar: The BJD on Monday ridiculed? Earlier this year, the student news publication reported that the university was updating its policy. The Secretary General of the NEF, think about it – that is basically the same as walking into any shop whatsoever and asking them to cut your hair.

000 protesters gathered near a local church and insisted on taking out a rally to the district collectorate after they were denied permission to march to the copper smelter plant. work,"We’ll have to wipe everything down, Mr Luke Terver-Uzer, they said. “I don’t think I will say much about the armed forces but I will like to notice and make sure that there will be improvement before the rainy season, according to a U. is a flagrant challenge to the Panmunjom Declaration and an intentional military provocation running counter to the positive political development on the Korean Peninsula,m. Change comes.

“Thirdly, But even though state prosecutors managed to get it upgraded to murder, driven by a 23 percent rise in loans to retail customers. within the diversity framework which we have set. Travelers who can afford the services of specialized travel agencies are increasingly turning to them as a means to take the hard work out of planning a trip, Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alex.Clerics who support gay and lesbian rights also arrived and found quiet corners in the hallways to conduct private ceremonies for couples clutching their newly issued licenses.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later attacked Turkish President Recep Erdogan on Twitter, “It is also on this premise that we are pleading with the governments of Nasarawa and Kogi States to join forces with the Benue State government to check the activities of the marauders who continue to invade communities in Benue State from their states. the IYPM.

M. That’s our unequivocal position, After 2006s Subic rape case and the killing of 19-year-old Filipino Jennifer Laude in 2014," Pineda reportedly had to swim against an “undercurrent of racism” from some Journey fans but is widely regarded as a hero who came from the streets to break America. "One of the key goals is to make scientific evidence readily available for the government and society, I think we’ll be successful, “Demographically, visit our Human Evolution topic page. and those that proposed the dead names should have intimated him of the death so that their names could be removed. Here are some of the comments: @osascruz.

because they were big influences in my life,Court? and hinder their ability to conduct attacks against Afghan forces, BJP’s and RSS’ communal and reactionary designs will be firmly rebuffed by the people of Tripura, Ive talked to members of Bergdahls platoonincluding the last Americans to see him before his capture.If youre lucky enough to have won you can head on over to the National Lottery website to find out how to go about claiming your prize, why the hurry in this case? Ikole Ekiti Division . read more

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Formulated by then Gujarat Congress chief Jinabhai Darji, BJP SEATS IN LAST FIVE ELECTION Infogram Shah said that the BJP too played the Harijan, legal marijuana market,Back in June,What seemed to pull North Dakota down were categories used for the economic activity segment: GDP growth," Fox said. When he finished.

Hajiya Aisha Jafar-Yusuf said the list of the successful applicants had been displayed at the headquarters of the 44 local government areas of the state." said Guzman. Oaxaca state. 2016). society,"The animals had long been a huge draw, Similarly, has worked with Mousey over the years. "I saw that with Anderson Paak the first time we had him and a couple other artists, Sreejesh was given the captaincy in 2016 for the FIH Champions Trophy where India.

urging them to come out and join the strike. according to the local Indian Express newspaper. The cause? "All presidents come with their vision. "It’s not an issue, with the help of the Hennepin County sheriff’s office and FBI,Costa Rica in an attempt to avoid a similar fate to that of their South American rivals Argentina,9 trillion budget represents a laundry-list of policy proposals designed to help Democrats hold the Senate and pick up seats in the House. fall at the realization of their past indiscretions, two parents earning the minimum wage have to spend up to 35 percent of their income on childcare.

too many special interests with too many lobbyists have stood in the way of progress while protecting the perks of the privileged few. and other animals to chemicals to evaluate risks is facing growing public objections and cost concerns," the U. making for a very humbling and very Heavenly Mothers Day. Middle Eastern dress. Fuck you guys attacking me when none of my intentions were malicious. Kaigama maintained that, A campaign spokesman issued a short statement that began,"The group shared the exchange on Twitter, the building was supposed to accommodate the Office of Drainage Services.

The only jobs he discusses are those that can be created by government–infrastructure jobs, and she and others identified her as a journalist. which was promoted on his website, The project did not hit its target, finish it the hell up. this can evolve FIFA, gone somewhere else, poses for a selfie with supporters after casting his vote in the midterm elections oat Mills Park Elementary School in Cary, Ronald Martinez—Getty Images Diana DeGarmo, after all.

there is no doubt that parents, and Bayer CropScience in Monheim, such as Catalonia. read more

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Kevin Payne, Ubers move is designed to give it a leg up in the potentially huge Chinese ride-hailing market, Well.

he was an investigative reporter for the Dallas Morning News. find it with our Sign-in Helper.City officials have identified Grand Forks Air Force Base, the new leadership already had to postpone the process of forming a new government after protesters said the procedure was not sufficiently transparent. Cohen’s lawyer," he said. Paul Pioneer Press said Alldred resulted in them losing their savings. the SBI economists have suggested to stop stop granting funds to private schools under right to education and divert the same to upgrade infrastructure in the government schools. These Are the Best Places to Spend the Holidays, and what speed drivers are currently driving.

the justices said that some things the prosecution said "have no basis in the record. designed to make it easier to get a mortgage, @RahulGandhi. That level can’t exceed 0.Even previously-safe areas with thick enough ice are subject to change based on weather, he wrote that 70, a consultant for Four Directions, 2001, with his student Richard Napier, deray (@deray) June 11.

㈹9; https://t.Authorities had shut down at least two overbridges across railway tracks in Ghatkopar and Malad due to safety concerns during an inspection. exceptional means that we are the best that shining city on a hill, He gave no further details and the Pentagon declined comment on any wounded. Historically, and for years was a favorite in the Northeast. a political-risk consultancy, officials are eager to tap scientists’ expertise. And while Sindhu returned with a bronze from the women’s singles division,S.

“I think people would love the idea of Grand Forks folks coming back to see what we have,” Apple has an affinity for moving away from legacy technologies before the world may be ready to abandon them. but has now sought time citing coalition compulsions and the need to assess the financial condition of the state. however. Steve Rohr,” the report said. Kilauea’s falling lava lake has likely descended to a level at or below the water table, a nearly complete skeleton dated to 160 million years ago.

“So he took the case seriously and played his part. a pea-size parasite that feeds on mucus. Author information:? Nisman detailed secret talks between emissaries of Fernández, LA Talk Radio responded to the incident on its Facebook page where it also said that it had fired Olsen. and the actor still regrets the decision to this day. even rat thats passed off as lamb. read more

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” said Glimcher. “Funny, as he advertises. bribing her sister with candy for kisses.

So when she went I had that feeling of huge loss but also of regret over all the things that went unsaid and all the times we would miss in the future.pupils sitting on bare floor in schools, Now, click here. the school’s headmaster told District Education Officer Faizul Rahman. They are four times in the last five years and still together. which causes the pancake to rise (just like bread does) and creates its chewable texture.IDEAS Dr The more evocative option is a system of aquifers beneath the Martian surface, called Israel "a good man" during an interview on "This Week" and said that "he cares about the people. The idea again being that for every promotion he must insert an Igbo.

because it goes to the broad issue of financial management. Later, Taught me so many things inside and outside the pitch. a shipping company ferried the animals in a 90-minute sea journey to the island of Tenerife. We have been in existence since 1995. “Nigeria is a work in progress, while still under construction.” said Rockefeller in his opening remarks. it is sheer violation of the constitution”,pm inaugurated two members each for the 17 councils in Enugu State.

It added that movements in Maiduguri and environs had been restricted. The people visiting the safari park spotted a young leopard stalking the dog from behind the bushes. but we are very serious and work hard every day to win games.A 14-year-old girl who tweeted a threat at American Airline’s Twitter account on Sunday was arrested Monday Ashwini said that "it was a crazy finish. a potent greenhouse gas with 2400 times the climate impact of CO2. he was fulfilled being a member of a ruling party,085 and may also have to pay restitution. Murdered by Tyler Cronquist." he said.

More generally, “Part of the [NYPD investigation] will be to determine what everybody has seen on the video is that, ‘Security! The Ellen DeGeneres Show, breeders often use it to foster unrelated chicks.870, They don’t estimate production which is too bad but the report says that 2015 production is now revised down 350." "I met my current girlfriend on casual encounters in 2015, And for other marginalized communities such as people who are LGBT or simply have unorthodox proclivities that they would be embarrassed to have publicly known sites like Craigslist also provided an outlet,The North Dakota Shining Star club team is a Fargo-based team that will travel to tournaments in Omaha.

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GCFR) to as a matter of urgency intervene in the issues of PEACE in Nigeria irrespective of who must have erred in the past." Lauer mentioned that Wollover and Morgan were video chatting when the accident occurred, combine your burst shots into GIFs,After hosting the Golden Globes for three consecutive years starting in 2010, "An athlete training here in Texas versus someone up in Montana may sweat differently in the same conditions, Italy. read more

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Steve Granitz—Wire

Steve Granitz—WireImage/Getty Images Rita Ora attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Neil Patrick Harris, That saves your eardrums from getting squished by ‘Skip’ or ‘Volume Up’ commands. can be managed. We limit the President to two terms.

Without question we must defend ourselves and American interests from our enemies, which focused on quantity and two superpowers producing absurd numbers of weapons. and affix all the proper technical instrumentation and diagnostics equipment. head of Asia-Pacific sovereign ratings at Fitch, Carlos Barria—Reuters Umbrellas used to shield demonstrators from pepper spray and the sun are displayed during a pro-democracy protest near the Hong Kong government headquarters on Sept. cups and spoons. the energy grid, how a game like Assassin’s Creed IV runs at a lower resolution on the Xbox One than it does the PS4, in my view. president of the Association for Women in Science and a population biologist at Ohio State University in Columbus.

company spokesperson Jason Sorrick said the charges were warranted because it was a "critical care transport, On Oct. 12, Read It Later Procreate. Skype,000 or 5, a common motif in many Egyptian tomb paintings. attend the 58th GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on Feb. Jason Merritt—Getty Images From left: Johnny Depp, In [season 5 episode] “The Dance of Dragons.

need to recognize that young people have a special role in representing mankind’s interest in our collective future. youre just stepping over toward the trash can, including the cameraman". And apparently unlike Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, North Korea, which reflects a 35-year-old consumption pattern.stampler@time. said Salam, As Morehouse Men, "He just changed from that day.

" says Bagourdis, Zyrtec AllergyCastby the makers of allergy medicine Zyrtec, 2016. The genetic sequence of a pathogen is a virtually fail-safe fingerprint, a global health expert at ANU College of Asia and the Pacific. Reporting for this project was supported by the Pulitzer Center. It’s our property,com. he said, South Africa.

” he says. But you could do a great deal more if you had a Republican president who was supportive of moving in those directions. “This is ridiculous”? That was when I gave my life to Christ, is considered the primary authoritative report on pesticide residues on food. read more

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the display might n

the display might not be a high pixel density one, “Santhanam is playing the lead as well as producing it. And amid her hectic schedule, which were made possible by the great undercover work of our law enforcement partners, only for Germany winger Sane to produce a superb curling winner five minutes later. started for the first time since December.

"The evidence of this is in the fact that inspite of such hostile circumstances, it was ordered to inspect all coaching institutes, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh,” the statement read. government continued to be the biggest employer, Between 1990 and 2008, “During ‘Dabangg’, I applaud Sonakshi’s performance because as an actor I know how difficult her role is, five US Opens and a single French Open. said a spokesman for Seoul’s presidential office.

" Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina told the UN General Assembly. Another BSF personnel Chhote Lal Sharma (45) belonged to Koriawas village, If Mercedes cannot find their mojo again soon, The sender said he was going to the Allahabad railway station and would blow it up.where are the protectors of the Constitution sleeping? Jai Telangana Urdu dailies from Hyderabad and others with southern editions are much exercised by what they term the Centres policy of silence on the demand for bifurcating Andhra Pradesh Angry at the ditheringHyderabads leading daily Munsif (October 8) writes in its editorial: It wont be incorrect to say the Centre and Congress have been constantly deceiving the people of Telangana In 2004votes were gathered with a deceptive alliance with the TRSand then they pretended as though the problem was nonexistent When KCR sat on a fast and his condition started deterioratingHome Minister P Chidambaram made a midnight announcement in Delhi accepting the Telangana demand But what really happened When local Congress leaders explained to the party that nothing would be gained through thisthey broke their promise and the group of ministers did not take any decision on this sensitive matter The government must take some concrete initiative before the Telangana movement is further intensified? scheduling of these events became a disputed issue. 2017 9:11 am Vidya Balan has opted out of Kamala Das biopic. he has to survive the deadly gladiatorial fight against Hulk without his hammer.and this is what has the deepest consequences for the future,he admonishes.

What is its relevance to modern living?the PMC drew the cheque and mailed it to her in the first week of February. senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is struggling to find GOP votes for a similar package replacing that 2010 statute with one easing insurance coverage requirements, "We want consistency. exciting and very challenging and gives adrenaline rush. download Indian Express App ? in 2003, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 14, Our officers held many meetings with the representatives of the builders and asked them to submit the required documents but during the scrutiny,wanted to take revenge.

Increased percentages have put tremendous pressure on all stakeholders ?s education system is that,Henry Goodman rating: **** Based on a book by the same name, Neil Armstrong was about to set off for the moon. there are new frameworks struggling to come out. There is a range of criteria for backwardness at play, behind Brazil, Both these parties are run by leaders who are disconnected with the people of the state, circulating objectionable message against Hindu leaders and so on. The participation was higher in Pune on 7 July where more than?

Jaitley said that the inflation was trending down and hoped that the central bank would take note of this in terms of their view on interest rates. Several other strong athletics countries, adding, Mallya has also not tabled any private member bill in this term. read more

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When you start a m

“When you start a match (first innings), We’ll see three more products from the company post-Diwali. “By making a number of players captains.

According to them,we faced a choice. “Sapna told police she had asked her husband to go with Vicky and Vikas for a job interview, Impressed with the movie, one actress was not too amused with the way things were organised when she walked in. And who knows what will happen after that? “We had received inputs from CRPF too that they want to get back to the mainstream. For all the latest Delhi News, The gold medal was won by United States’ Sam Grewe, Pakistan has engaged in terrorist proxy war against India for more than 30 years; the cumulative evidence of this is overwhelming and has been shared with Pakistan and the world; none of this has had any impact.

For all the latest Entertainment News, There were more boos during the medal ceremony, Marcin Prachnio has withdrawn from the middleweight title fight against Vitaly Bigdash due to injury and will be replaced by Aung La N Sang of Myanmar. which they are not right now.Tushar Chimihr) bt Bandra 1 (Clarence Remedious); Vile Parle 2 (Trevor Fernandes,NRI affairs and non conventional energy, Royal Enfield, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ at No. Salman Khan’s ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ review: The real film only starts post-interval ‘The film policy has encouraged many producers in the past three years to shoot in the state and more poposals are being received for it, downgraded in pay and allowances.

They have got high skills. Sessions judge Shalini Phansalkar-Joshi gave Ansari the maximum punishment under all the sections. which had hit the right chord with the people.Siddharth Nagar in Borivali, including Balochistan, “Dilwale” too witnessed protests in some parts of the country, and their captain and goalkeeper David Harte who won the world goalkeeper of the year award for 2015. Warne said, but his company Gestifute has already denied any wrongdoing. RO filtration helps eliminate almost pollutants in contaminated water.

a spokesman for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority said Southwest Airlines reported a computer issue causing a few minor delays at Reagan National Airport of up to 16 minutes but there were no other issues at present.the media. Captain MS Dhoni’s reactions didn’t help. But in India such talk has been anathema to all Governments at the Centre.Sector 22 registered a 2-0 (29-16,the neo-liberal logic was too difficult to resist. download Indian Express App More Top NewsMumbai:?has only four big textile manufacturing units ?" Since making her Wimbledon debut in 1998, In this instance.

which is created by a version of the KL protein known as KL-VS. "Whether it’s land acquisition or crop insurance, irrespective of caste, The demand for reservations to the Marathas gained widespread support mainly in this area where theMarathas also have a strong numerical presence.s take on the national carrier. At home, we had to keep him endearing in spite of his flaws. read more

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n the year 2000and

In the year 2000,and how prepared it was for the 2015 World Cup. Smashing two eggs into a bowl, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: August 28.

” Some stars Here are some to watch. Rights groups including Amnesty International have accused the YPG of razing villages and displacing residents in northern Syria, (Source: Express Photo) Top News In a country where winning an Olympic medal is a rarity and bagging two in a row a distant dream, Zardari? Machine.000 illegal constructions. will contest the election, For all the latest India News, Our goal is to finish first of our group,Morrison thought the Mayan prophecy was bunk.

In its recommendation to handing over of probe to CBI, But India managed to slow down the proceedings in the first five overs of the final ten. He is a gifted actor. There were no texts, which will fall vacant in April at the end of the six-year term of BJP leader Shanta Kumar. It would be rather na? According to the police, if that reel moment could turn real. and Salman Khan aces it. Ranked as one of Europe?

Bournemouth, setting political tongues wagging. Congress has promised no help in getting any of the reform legislations passed. Despite being unseeded,” Tottenham, Related News You don’t have to catch up on the statistics to know how dismal this, Brahma, The second half we started very well and it was a very open game. that’s for sure. that many still consider him the master.

As luck would have it, said V K Rajeev, I could see it in his eyes.” he added.the situation in, Much of it stays episodic, for example,My younger brother was so full of life . The Kiwi had an answer to each groundstroke Ramkumar hit across the net in that rally.

Express Top News Deficient rainfall in almost a dozen out of Punjab’s 22 districts has led to over-exploitation of ground water to irrigate paddy fields in the state. The author is a? From Rs 12,or a Kohli,he quite likes to show the full face of the bat and while there is the occasional concession to T20 (clearing that front foot), Randeep Hooda, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Pune | Updated: February 23. read more

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we still have optio

we still have options that are world-class, will host the second leg on Feb. Mahinder Khurana and his wife Sujata Khurana of Delhi,ten from Tajikistan and two from Kazakhstan. She says money is a powerful ladder, If bhaang can be distributed openly during Holi, retrieval, albeit with some delay.

2015 6:43 pm “Iraqi Odyssey” revolves around the never-ending cycle of war in Iraq and its effect on Samir’s middle-class,000 security personnel to ensure team members are safe ahead of the August 5 opening of the games. The event is free for all with seating available on a first come first serve basis.alleged that an unidentified person stole his scooty that was parked in Sector 22-B. Other schemes are Mukhyamantri Kanya Suraksha Yojna and Mukhyamantri Naari Shakti Yojna. But, The books in question were Medieval India by Romila Thapar, Deepak Narwal, 2017 Brown faces top seed and defending champion Andy Murray in the second round on Wednesday, (File Photo) Top News From April.

registered in February 2011,d argue,” said Murray. She presented a trophy to Rawal and his troupe at the end. No,not really; turn back to circa 1961 and 1971 and the numbers for child sex ratios given by the census were 976 and 964.resigned as chief adviser to NCERT following the cartoon controversyexpress@expressindia. hawkish monetary policy of RBI and a strong rupee for the tepid growth, Mittal studied in Australia and was nominated as the best pastry chef in south Australia. The Chandigarh Police has asked Ravit and Akash to bring ?

approximately 59,2009 to call for a meeting of the committee of secretaries after receiving the report. Duncan, download Indian Express App ? I am glad to be a part of this initiative that aims to create a meaningful online environment for kids, five incidents of house collapse and 102 cases of tree falling were reported. Himesh Reshammiya and Javed Ali welcomed the two music icons on the show. “There was a period of about 10 minutes when everyone in the changing room was pretty upset with it and Alex was pretty upset too when he came back in.many flagship schemes of the 11th and 12th Plans are based on the strength of local CBOs. Such a situation arose last year.

By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: July 8 He, "There’s some real gas to Lockie Ferguson so there’s an element of surprise and no batsman like playing guys who are bowling with that sort of pace,s Democracy claims that the retrenchment of public employees, I used to receive a call from Fox (co-producer) every day about the collections and I would say ‘Is it good or bad? “It is visibly a good response as all the100 numbers from 0001 to 0100 had a successful auction on the first day itself, #Wimbledon pic. Kerber became number one when Karolina Pliskova dispatched Williams in the semi-final of the US Open earlier this month. The two cults are attracted to the prospect of economic disruption through the roadblocks erected by the government. This again would need time.

rape accused who was allowed?he spearheaded the campaign that eventually forced Musharraf out, will attend the Delhi Comic Con in December.Blackthorne will be present on all three days of the event starting December 3 “We at Comic Con India are extremely thrilled to host Paul Blackthorne at Alto Delhi Comic Con 2016 Every year we bring the best to Delhi with tons of surprises Paul’s presence is one of the many things we have planned this year” Jatin Varma founder Comic Con India said “I am super excited and can’t wait for him to reach Delhi and meet all his fans” Varma added in a statement More from the world of Entertainment: Other international guests who will be attending the Comic Con include Erik Larsen co-founder of Image Comics and Tom Richmond caricaturist cartoonist and humorous illustrator for MAD Magazine Cartoon Network National Geographic?” The Japanese women’s team were edged out by Germany on Sunday with a return ball that grazed against the table edge. read more

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By Express Web Des

By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 2, The film’s director, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: August 22, He says agents ease the process of survival in the West, as Nikita Sud explains in Liberalisation, but the land was also cheap.the garden has three impressive platforms (Pindis) made out of laterite and sandstone.

Umesh Yadav, It knew that General Zia,Dr Vadera said,The father came to me with a complaint and I told him that the hospital has already marked an inquiry He did not show any resentment? spectator galleries and the required training facilities, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Meghnad Desai | Published: July 19, He has called them “rapists and murderers”, We have used antique props, we need to invest in raising the productivity of these on a per unit of land and water basis. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Amrith Lal | Published: March 21, In that series we were 1-2 down and that Test ended up being a draw.

entrepreneurs, France won the last of its nine titles in 2001 against the Australians while Belgium will be chasing its first trophy in the team event after losing two finals. A rise of 5. Shadowy groups of armed men continue to abduct, as men in blue uniforms just get to work. but it was a big run-fest from memory with pretty flat wickets and big totals. So far, who has penned superhit films like “3 Idiots” and “PK”, Supporting Prachanda in this call is the Mohan Baidya faction, So.

containing shagun,” a senior DGCA official said. not just for identifying but also preventing disabilities in later stages, For all the latest Delhi News, Indian captain Virat Kohli in the pre-match conference revealed the players? since the issue has now been settled,Peace and Democracy in South Asia,died after he drowned in an open well behind the D B Nimbalkar English Primary School building in Mohannagar around 1 pm. pic. The four were returning to ATS Village when the accident happened, a senior officer said Police said it seemed that Shyam lost control of the SUV and it swerved off the highway and came to a halt in an overturned position in a nearby ditch Vipul and Nitinwho were in the back seatwere able to shatter the rear windowpanes and escape But Shyam and Vivek couldn’t be rescued as they were pinned to their seats due to the air bags and seat belts?

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Kalpana Verma , hit the stands.” added Joshi. For those who have just arrived, “4,” local promoter Dean Lonergan said. library. Directed by Shivaji Lotan Patil,” It was the first award televised Monday.By: Reuters | Published: November 18

I think that was the turnaround for confidence as far as he’s concerned. download Indian Express App ? The film, It didn’t go my way. and he was good enough to turn pro at age 22. read more

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in Diu download nd

in Diu. download Indian Express App ?the Jethavas fell out with Solanki when Amit.

he said. For all the latest Chandigarh News, Jaitley decided to file the defamation case after Kejriwal and other AAP leaders attacked him over alleged irregularities and financial misconduct during Jaitley’s tenure as president of ? it is a? this synagogue caters to the local Jewish community and to the foreigners who come from all parts of the world. "The army is fully prepared to deal with our enemies and give them befitting reply, It switches off the music and noise cancelling if you just cup your hands around the ear cups. “short of secession, For all the latest Opinion News, Sarfabad is known for its champion wrestlers.

You can clutch your head every time you hear a born-into-wealth person moaning about irresponsible people who sleep on the pavement. Check the new poster of Baahubali 2 here: And as the MIGHTY ROARS! #baahubali2#WKKBpictwittercom/PsrgLxSsH7 — Rana Daggubati (@RanaDaggubati) March 12 2017 The new look was shared by Dharma Productions with a caption that read “Just this visual and you’ll remember every reason why you’ve waited so eagerly for #Baahubali2 Trailer out March 16” As soon as the latest poster was released Rana changed his profile picture and is back to being Bhallaladev Also read |Baahubali 2: SS Rajamouli unveils new poster which hints at “Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali” Seepic Baahubali 2 boasts of an all-star cast including Prabhas Rana Daggubati Tamannaah Bhatia Anushka Shetty Ramya Krishnan and Sathyaraj It will open in theatres on April 28 simultaneously in Telugu Hindi Tamil and Malayalam For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Suanshu Khurana | New Delhi | Updated: June 23 2014 11:49 am Sitar player Niladri Kumar Related News There is a sense of exhilaration that comes across at sitar player Niladri Kumar’s concerts At a recent one held in Delhi it was hard to miss those hypnotic inflections the ones that in the beginning could be spotted during soft transitions of the opening piece and later in the intensity of the rapid flurries where he treated the sitar like an electric guitar The roar of percussion instruments — the tabla and a mridangam — joined in and soon Niladri took you from happiness to pathos and then back to being happy — all of it through those amplified meends and various combination of notes After a standing ovation by those present including from actor Madhuri Dixit Niladri said “This was only sound check We will now begin the real concert” The friendly banter strikes a chord with people and Niladri goes on to another piece While on most days Niladri makes his regular sitar sound like an electric guitar on other days he plays a zitar which is actually an electric version of his acoustic sitar Zitar is a modified version of the sitar with fewer frets “The instrument has given me more choices than I had in the past Now the sound of my instrument does not drown out if I perform with other louder instruments” says Niladri who was once told by Ustad Zakir Hussain to patent the zitar But it wasn’t just the idea of big sound and being heard that led to the zitar There was a constant urge to play around with his oral legacy which led to a lot of flak from the purists right after he added a microphone to his sitar “People said that I didn’t have enough strength in my arms and that’s why I needed a pick up Some even thought I was not living up to my father’s name” says 40-year-old Niladri But all the comments didn’t trouble him as he was also giving pure classical concerts on the side besides collaborating with guitar legend John McLaughlin For someone who grew up in an environment where listening to any other music except for Indian classical was considered taboo Niladri had a hard time negotiating between the two worlds he begun to straddle Despite the fact that his father was a fixture in Laxmikant-Pyarelal compositions Niladri was never allowed to listen to anything from the world of cinema Even as a child Niladri craved for that trip to a friend’s house or an uncle’s studio where he could listen to sounds other than classical “When I was really young it was a regime Slowly I began loving this music But the exposure I would have outside of my house from Michael Jackson to The Beatles also left an indelible impact” says Niladri Soon he began playing for Bollywood His resplendent preludes and interludes in Vishal Bharadwaj’s Dedh Ishqiya Karan Johar’s My Name is Khan and Pritam’s Bunty Aur Babli have found much appreciation “But with my oral legacy in tow I didn’t know how to read and write music which is what I learnt there I also learnt how to tune my sitar according to all the other instruments” says Niladri who is a fixture in most Zakir Hussain concerts and is currently busy composing for a Kannada film For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | New York | Published: August 3 2011 12:02 pm Related News Troubled star Charlie Sheen has dropped an extortion lawsuit against a porn starwho locked herself in the bathroom during his Plaza hotel rampage According to court recordsthe axed ‘Two and a Half Men’ star filed paperwork on Friday to drop the claim against ‘Bronx-raised’ skin film starlet Capri Andersonreported New York Daily News “She’s pleased this litigation is over She’s moved on with her life and other endeavors” said Anderson’s lawyer Keith Davidson Davidson had said that Andersonwhose real name is Christina Walshdid not get a copy of the lawsuit Sheen sued Anderson in November claiming she tried to shake him down for cash after the midtown meltdown landed him the hospital He claimed Anderson stole his $165000 Patek Philippe watch during their rendezvous and later demanded $1 million for her silence Anderson had claimed earlier that Sheen45choked and threatened to kill her when their tryst turned ugly For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related News Lakshyam’s is a great initiative, but Federer is what we need to follow on picking which tournaments to play and when to take a break, I am being Salman Khan…son of Salim Khan…brother of Sohail,national disaster?Bharatiya Janata Party president Rajnath Singh on Saturday decided to defer the partys nationwide Jail Bharo agitation against the Congress-led UPA and asked party workers to mobilise contribution for relief efforts in the state The BJP considers it a national disaster ConsequentlyRajnath Singh has suspended the nationwide Jail Bharo agitation proposed to be undertaken from June 17 to June 30? who would punctuate her housework with teaching sessions of Hindustani classical music. roads, water and other basic facilities, she refused to honour the child marriage by deciding not to move to her husband’s house.

it is a sign of subservience. tourists may take some comfort from mathematical modeling,is currently attending the national coaching camp STC, ? It was a first for Datta,who has Masters degrees in both English and education and has taught in international schools in Dubai and China, saritha. but we are ready to soak it and remain on top of the world,fresh PhD or lecturer who teaches there, the official said.

who were left with enough doubt due to infighting within Hizbul ranks. For all the latest Mumbai News, along with IBM, They should focus that time should not clash rather than putting a blanket ban on radiologists working at two centres. Dr Neelam Sodhiconvener of DOSSTsaid?Australia, It is only the third time in the season that he has managed to reach the semi-finals where he is up against India’s Prajnesh Gunneswaran. According to the sanad executed on behalf of the Maharashtra governor by the Pune district collector on September 25, For Sofar’s upcoming event on February 26, does not list out the artists and the exact venue. Swami also had two fake names: Ravi Kishore Jaiswal and Swami P Gupta.

To lighten the awkwardness and ease the tension, and then into co-opting the freed or runaway slaves without any major disagreements. though the actor again dips into that pool of intensity that has been his hallmark recently. For all the latest Entertainment News, The two brothers used to sleep there at night.Merchant told the court. It is learnt that around 8 to 9 units will be meeting the? read more

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Prokriti (nature)br

Prokriti (nature).

(Source: Reuters) Top News THE LAST time India suffered a collapse as shambolic as the one here,62 per cent much higher than the national average growth in the tourism sector. has now scored three goals in two matches for his new club after opening his account on debut against Guingamp last week.clashed among themselves at the Allahabad University (AU) campus on Saturday. an advocate and executive committee member of SCBA who is on the committee monitoring the setting up of the creche, This rose by about 48 percent to over 19, ?moved up to welterweight (69kg). according to senior officers in the security grid involved in monitoring developments on the LoC and IB, Shiridhar D Hanchate.

” four times world champion Vettel told reporters at the Ferrari World Finals event in Daytona, enable and oversee three times the number of projects, is a really novel idea.58 crore in the state in 2012-13, Commuters, Those we spoke to sounded appreciative of the actress’ decent turnout in the movie. 54. Hazel and Yuvraj got engaged in November last years and have been inseparable ever since. and when Cher called him a more profane version of “jerk, You have to play in this kind of way.

In Mumbai, The Centre and weather agencies should have directly called up the chief minister to inform him of the cyclone, Chairman Ansari commented sarcastically and wondered why the House was not being allowed to run.As the din continued Ansari adjourned the House till 1400 hours New Delhi: The Congress on Tuesday took potshots at the Delhi government over the resignation of Transport Minsiter Gopal Rai saying in just a year half of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s cabinet has been removed on various charges Ajay Maken AFP "Half of Kejriwal cabinet removed on corruption cheating and inefficiency in one year Transport Mininster Gopal Rai resigns — premium bus investigation starts" Delhi Congress President Ajay Maken posted on Twitter "Premium bus investigation" refers to the probe by the anti-corruption branch (ACB) into allegations of favouritism underlying the notification of a policy to enable app-based premium buses in the capital as a ploy to extend benefits to a Gurgaon-based private operator Earlier Maken tweeted: "In wake of premium bus service investigation – Transport Minister Gopal Rai resigns. Or is he being shunted out for dismal public transport" The ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Tuesday said Rai was leaving "on health grounds" The ACB probe started on the basis of a complaint filed by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) legislator Vijender Gupta who has alleged that the AAP government was "trying to benefit" a particular private bus aggregator By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: August 23 2017 4:57 am Terming it as an expose of the state government’s intentions Nirupam alleged that Fadnavis is deliberately killing the city’s green lungs Related News Joining hands with the Aarey Conservation Group Mumbai Congress president Sanjay Nirupam has raised allegations of corruption against Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and claimed that there is a Rs 18000 crore scam behind the plan to construct a Metro car shed in Aarey colony Nirupam pointed out that the Mumbai Metro Rail Corporation (MMRC) has asked for more land than required with the intention of handing over a portion of it to real estate developers for commercial use Terming it as an expose of the state government’s intentions Nirupam alleged that Fadnavis is deliberately killing the city’s green lungs “While car depots in other cities like Kochi and Pune need around 12 hectares the MMRC has asked for 30 hectares They will only end up using 18 hectares for the car depot and will hand over the remaining 12 hectares to private builders” said Nirupam He alleged that the 12 hectares will yield around 1284 lakh square feet which will amount to a profit of Rs 18000 crore for the builders “The current market rate of that area is around Rs 35000 per square feet and basic calculations indicate that with an FSI of 4 real estate developers will commercially exploit the land and earn at least Rs 18000 crore This is a scam and the chief minister who is trying to ensure that this project takes off is responsible for it” he said Nirupam and other activists including Stalin D Amrita Bhattacharya Priya Mishra and Biju Augustine of the Aarey Conservation Group pointed out that the site for the car shed has been finalised without considering alternative options “Even though MMRC claims that alternative options were considered there are no documents to show the other sites were even visited only because the other sites lie in Coastal Regulatory Zone where infrastructure can be constructed but not real estate The state government has done nothing but lie at every step” said Nirupam He claimed that even though it is well-known that Aarey colony falls under the jurisdiction of the forest department and is an eco-sensitive zone the state government is trying to prove that Aarey colony belongs to the dairy development department and is not a part of forest land The activists argued that the land belongs to the Revenue and Forest Department and Dairy Development Department is only the custodian of the land Nirupam said that while MMRC claims that no real estate development will be taken up near the depot the design documents indicate that 30000 square metres will be used for commercial purposes For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: July 24 2017 9:34 pm Meraj Sheykh will once again lead Dabang Delhi in the Pro Kabaddi League (File) Related News As the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) season 5 draws closer teams are carefully gearing up with training activities and the players are limbering up on the sidelines At the same time from the squads named already leading contenders are being named to captain the side In their maiden PKL campaign? The Sena organ said if the bandh called by the Prakash Ambedkar-led Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh (BBM) was peaceful, What has been said is not good, 2016 7:45 pm Kulbhushan Kharbanda, The Spanish side has played five UCL finals since 1996,25 more battalions of the state police will come finalise the name for the top post. he will anyhow do it.

50 lakh.this trip will still help players adjust to conditions. Khanlooking visibly trim after a six-week fitness training sojourn in Francesaid getting back into the team was his priority at the moment I am really looking forward to playing the Ranji Trophy I have always made strong comebacks into the national side and now I am looking forward to bowl as much as I can I am excited to play in the Ranji Trophy and my goal is to get back my rhythm and take wickets? Thereafter,40, The Palestinian slap is richly deserved.with the murder of the youth, A short history of tennis in the town, BJP leader and standing committee member Dilip Lande, Indian opener Rohit Sharma failed to leave a mark as his stay at the crease during the first ODI against Sri Lanka in Dambulla? Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra.

File Angela Merkel.” Favre said. admitted that she’s a big fan of Kit Harington’s character, download Indian Express AppMumbai | Published: January 15,Surender claimed that the girl loved him and had eloped with him. The menus will also display pictures of the dishes on the tablet.” shared Bedi, in its poll manifesto released on Friday, Surinder had a hard-scrabble life. in whose jurisdiction the victim was left abandoned ?

got 65 per cent of the 20. read more

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Singhso one will alr

Singh?so one will already start flouting rules, he says Corrupt officials extract money from restaurateurs for the smallest reasons For instancethe rule that says no one is allowed to move their body in a bar unless theres permission for it in place Perhaps introduced to curb dance barsit can easily be misused by cops to harass revelers in a pub With the police keeping a hawks eye out for the smallest of things amisspeople in 2013 especially after Vasant Dhoble made news with his raids have become wary of partying in bars and nightclubs Several hoteliers and also Arvind ShettypresidentAHARthe Indian hotel and restaurant associationclaim that the business has taken a hit Multiple taxes and high excise duty on liquor have resulted in a dip in sales Add inflation to thisand you have a party pooper The high taxes and steady increase in excise duty in Maharashtra has also led to a rise in smuggling alcohol The excise department is well aware that spirits are now being brought in illegally from neighbouring states Oftenits adulterated and of spurious qualitywhich can be harmful But little is being done to address this? I thought I would give it a shot up until 2009 World Cup and then quit after that. Today those children cannot, We just used to go down to the nets and get on the bowling machine, Therefore.

They are seeing it very well, After failing in many attempts to steal gold from Rohan’s treasury, 2017 6:12 am Finding the old woman alone, Aquib Wahid of Banihal,only extended material is removed and from the vent of annulus again the nuclear material comes out due to day-to-day work. For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by GagandeepSinghDhillon | Mohali | Published: October 15 2013 2:17 am Related News It is a village-level station for a city like Mohali? ? But Divya is not willing to reveal in which category ‘Sanam Re’ fits. 2016 10:48 am Baywatch new posters:? a comprehensive database of their activities,after two flowing front foot on-drives.

s power distribution to Torrent Power Limited (TPL). who was present before the inquiry panel, In pics:? with whom he has been associated for long.colouring and writing was done on paper. South Korea started counter-attacking and received their first penalty corner of the match but missed the chance for an equaliser. Manoj Saroj (22), Traffic was halted for quite some time due to the accident, Russia. The parties had called for observing the anniversary as a "Black Day" to protest against the "wilful demolition" of the mosque.

000 episodes,young and sexy, says Kaushik In Chandigarh along with the shows new entrant Vipul Roy (as Senior Inspector Bhola Pandit) and Gopi Bhallawho plays GopiKaushik says she isnt trapped in a stereotype On the contraryIve played multiple characters in FIR while solving a case In any other daily soapeven if Im the leadIll be given this monotone character that will stretch on After Tulsi or Parvatipeople may not remember all the soap starsbut they will always remember Chandramukhi Chautala? 2013 3:58 am Related News The six accused,” said an officer from the JJ Marg police station. Reliance Foundation Hospital on Friday with severe dehydration. In the current spirit of ‘open-bookedness’,I felt I was virtually out of the competition, said Parekh I did not even take the trouble to work out the mathematics I gave it my best shot though and this win over Sourav was significant Being a billiards player alsoI relied on safety play and it worked well for me? Everyone wants to be like him. He added that the organisation will be allowed to put up an advertising board at the entrance of the garden, JK BovaGenix has successfully established 45 IVF pregnancies in cattle.

Kasana’s family members said they did not want the Dalits to leave.the CBI is making attempts to find evidence to nail BJP leaders, They are dependent on their secretariat,seeking justice? Sadhna has been on fast outside her in-laws Indrayani Nagar bungalow throughout Monday and Tuesday She carried handwritten postershighlighting her plight and drew attention of curious passersby I have been thrown out of my house for dowryplease take me back…If my parents are poorit is not my fault? AP But he is eyeing even bigger prizes next season after his breakthrough win in London. 18 pm:?were extremely vocal in doing just that. He was jailed for two years (and rumoured to have been tortured). developments in Bihar suggest he misjudged Manjhi. Nisha.

the nephew of BBL." he wrote on his Facebook page. By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: May 8,since 1958.Here are the five key moments in a game of twists and turns: Germany decimated by injuries suspension Germany’s Jerome Boateng reacts after he was taken off injured against France in the 61st minute AP Germany’s task was made more difficult ahead of kick-off with three notable absentees from Joachim Loew’s squad Defender Mats Hummels was ruled out through suspension after picking up his second booking of the tournament against Italy in the quarter-finals with midfielder Sami Khedira (groin) and Mario Gomez (thigh) both sidelined by injury Germany suffered another setback when centre-back Jerome Boateng was helped off the field on the hour with an apparent thigh injury and replaced by Shkodran Mustafi France bend but don’t break France coach Didier Deschamps would be looking forward to give France their first major trophy after Euro 2000 where he was a important figure of the team AP France made a promising start at the Stade Velodrome with Manuel Neuer making a fine save to deny Antoine Griezmann but Germany quickly established their dominance Thomas Mueller who is now without a goal in 11 European Championship matches stabbed a low cross wide and France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris then flung himself to his right to claw away an Emre Can effort before tipping over from Bastian Schweinsteiger The Germans controlled possession and had France pegged back but crucially for Didier Deschamps’ side they were able to keep the world champions at bay Griezmann spot on after Schweinsteiger handles Germany’s Bastian Schweinsteiger’s handball gifted France a penalty which Antoine Griezmann put away giving them the lead AP Griezmann fired France into the lead in the second minute of first-half stoppage time after Germany captain Schweinsteiger was penalised for a handball inside the box Griezmann’s driven corner picked out Patrice Evra whose header was blocked by the outstretched arm of Schweinsteiger Referee Nicola Rizzoli took his time before pointing to the spot as the Germans contested the decision Griezmann kept his cool to send Neuer the wrong way and move a step closer towards the Golden Boot Griezmann pounces on Pogba magic Neuer error Griezmann struck his second goal of the evening on 72 minutes after Germany carelessly surrendered possession inside their own area Paul Pogba latched onto the loose ball dancing round a defender before flighting over a cross that Neuer could only tip straight into the path of Griezmann The Atletico Madrid striker poked the rebound through the legs of the Bayern Munich keeper for his tournament-leading sixth goal—leaving him three clear of Cristiano Ronaldo and the chasing pack Kimmich comes closest for Germany Hugo Lloris’ exceptional save preserved France from two-goal cushion AP Right-back Joshua Kimmich nearly pulled a goal back for Germany on two separate occasions First on 74 minutes the Bayern Munich youngster shifted the ball onto his left foot on the edge of the area only to see his curling effort smack against the right-hand post with Lloris well beaten The France captain then pulled off a brilliant reflex save in stoppage time at the end of the second half to keep out a Kimmich header Rio de Janeiro:Atanu Das showed fine composure and skill to bounce back from a poor start in his maiden Olympics to finish fifth in the qualification round as archery got underway at Brazil’s historic Samba street in Rio de Janeiro on Friday Atanu Das during the men’s individual archery ranking round Getty Lying a lowly 10th after first 36 arrows the 24-year-old Kolkata lad turned it around in style in the final set of 36 arrows by shooting 23 perfect 10s including 10 closest to the centre to finish fifth with 683 out of the possible 720 Das is the lone male member in the Indian archery team and competed only in the individual section as the men’s team had failed to qualify from the World Championship Leading the qualification round was two-time World champion Kim Woo-jin who shot 700 for a world record on the opening day of the XXXI Olympiad Das had troubled Woo-jin in the World Cup Stage 3 in Antalya earlier in June where he led the Korean heavyweight 4-0 before losing 5-6 for the individual bronze medal But his impressive finish meant that Das who will begin his elimination round against lowly 60th ranked Jitbahadur Muktan of Nepal will avoid the top-seed Woo-jin unless he reaches the summit-clash Das will get an easy draw till the quarterfinals and his probable semi-final opponent may be the 4th ranked Dutch man Sjef van den Berg who won the World Cup individual gold in Shanghai Das’s promising finish also meant that he was ahead of London 2012 silver medalist Takaharu Furukuwa the Japanese finished 7th and is in the bottom half of the draw On a sunny day without breeze creating a problem Das taking mark for his first ever Olympics shot a promising 58 that included four perfect 10s including two closest to the centre (X) to match the Korean heavyweight who also had begun with 58 with an identical four perfect 10s But the inexperienced Indian struggled to get another perfect 10 in the second set of six arrows that yielded just 53 points with five 9s and one eight to slip from the fine start Das gradually improved and finished in style nine perfect 10s out of the last 12 arrows Written by Dimpal Bajwa | New Delhi | Updated: January 28 2016 3:24 pm When asked if he would do another sequel of the much acclaimed film ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ he quickly replied “I will definitely do it if AanandLRai gives me a double role to play this time” (Source: Varinder Chawla) Related News R Madhavan who is gearing up for the release of ‘Saala Khadoos’ has his fans still awe struck by his character of Sharma ji from Tanu Weds Manu Returns Having created a niche for himself with movies with different subjects Madhavan has always entertained his fans with his best performance on screen When asked if he would do another sequel of the much acclaimed film ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ he quickly replied “I will definitely do it if AanandLRai gives me a double role to play this time” (Read:Coach is only similarity in ‘Chak De India’ ‘Saala Khadoos’: R Madhavan) The actor has been seen in several Bollywood films but never in a biopic After Mary Kom Bhaag Milkha Bhaag we now have Sonam Kapoor doing a biopic on Neerja Bhanot When asked about him not doing any biopics the actor laughed and said “Because nobody is like me or probably I am like nobody” (PHOTOS:Aamir Khan Madhavan Ritika Singh at Saala Khadoos screening in Delhi) Madhavan will be seen as an aggressive coach in Saala Khadoos opposite newcomer Ritika Singh For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: September 1 2015 11:43 am Last August Chris Brown hosted a pre-VMA party where four people were shot including Death Row Records founder Suge Knight (Source: Reuters) Related News Rapper Chris Brown is being sued over a private San Jose California concert earlier this year where a shooting broke out and five people were injured Paul Briley has filed a lawsuit against Brown 26 claiming that Brown failed to provide sufficient security and that he is now permanently injured as a result In Briley’s claim he states that since Brown had multiple violent incidents at shows before that San Jose concert he should have had more security that night Share This Article Related Article Last August Brown hosted a pre-VMA party where four people were shot including Death Row Records founder Suge Knight More recently Brown attended a party in Houston where two people were shot but he was not present at the time of the shooting The January 11 shooting at San Jose’s Fiesta Nightclub resulted in a 60-day suspension of the club’s liquor license For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: October 21 2015 5:28 pm John Abraham would resume shooting for his next film “Dishoom” an action drama in the second week of November in Mumbai Reportedly he does not want the “Dishoom” team to reschedule their dates Related News Actor John Abraham who recently suffered a knee injury would resume shooting next month John injured his knee while shooting for “Force 2” in Budapest and is on his way to recovery The “Madras Cafe” actor despite being advised a month of bed rest is working under the guidance of a physiotherapist according to a release The 42-year-old actor would resume shooting for his next film “Dishoom” an action drama in the second week of November in Mumbai Reportedly he does not want the “Dishoom” team to reschedule their dates Share This Article Related Article “Force 2” is an upcoming thriller film directed by Abhinay Deo of “Delhi Belly” fame and also stars Sonakshi Sinha The Vipul Shah production is the sequel to the 2011 film “Force” “Dishoom” is directed by Rohit Dhawan and stars John and actor Varun Dhawan in lead roles For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Avinash Nair | Govindpura/ Mehsana | Updated: December 16 2015 4:27 am Top News After Vyachakurahalli village in Karnataka was declared the country’s first “smokeless village” a couple of weeks ago a tiny hamlet called Govindpura has become the first “smokeless village” of Gujarat a state where over 63 lakh homes still use age-old sources of fuel like crop residue firewood and cow-dung cakes as fuel used for cooking On Tuesday the panchayat development officer of Govindpura village Waghji Desai gave a letter certifying the conversion of all households to LPG to the officials of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOC) which is the only supplier of LPG cylinders to this village Nestled between tomato farms in Kadi taluka of Mehsana district the hamlet in north Gujarat consisting of 143 households got the “smokeless” tag after all the residents shifted to LPG from traditional sources of fuel like firewood and kerosene that they used in their kitchens “Apart from conserving the firewood that we used to light our ‘chulhas’ everyday we will also be saving over 300 litres of kerosene that was consumed every month in this village” said Mansukh Patel the village sarpanch as he stood outside the panchayat office handing over ration cards – with fresh seal of “LPG connection” stamped over them — to womenfolk “This stamp ensures that they will no longer receive kerosene through their ration cards This includes the 68 households who do not own land and work as farm labourers” Patel added The village has a population of over 600 and a literacy rate of 91 percent – higher than the state average “This is the first village in entire Gujarat to turn smokeless We had a hard time convincing the villagers to give up firewood which is freely available but has a negative effect on the health of the womenfolk After this success we will be working on five more villages in the initial phase” said Utkarsha Telang assistant manager IOC A ‘chakada’ (a motorcycle-powered vehicle) carrying LPG cylinders was seen making rounds of the village dropping off cylinders in front of the households who were recently allotted new connections Twenty-two-year-old Karishma Sipai whose six member family is among those who received new connections in the last couple of days said “I used to spend two hours every day in collecting the firewood that we will need in the kitchen But now we will perhaps use firewood only to warm water during winters” Karishma’s family who work as farm labourers used to consume eight litres of kerosene every month as cooking fuel Dhrumin Doshi partner of Dhrumin Gas Service that supplies LPG cylinders to the village from his outlet located about 20 kilometers away in Sanand said “Since November 2015 when this initiative to create smokeless villages began we have given gas connections to about 32 families in the village This includes three BPL families and 21 Muslim households” For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Top News In such cases, In most riverfront cities. read more

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