Why Is It So Difficult For Rep Jackie Speier A Lawyer To
first_img Order Your Copy Strategies For Minimizing Risk Under The FCPA A compliance guide with issue-spotting scenarios, skills exercises and model answers. “This book is a prime example of why corporate compliance professionals and practitioners alike continue to listen to Professor Koehler.” Politicians of any party are entitled to whatever opinions they have regarding public policy issues or other politicians.However, they are not entitled to opinions about the basics of a law and what it captures.Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA) is a lawyer and received a J.D. from UC Hastings College of the Law.  As such presumably she knows how to read a statute and determine its essential elements.Yet time and time again, as it relates to Representative Speier’s views on President Donald Trump, she has displayed a shocking misunderstanding of what the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act covers.As highlighted in this 2017 post, Representative Speier stated on MSNBC’s Hardball:“[I]f you do business in any country where you believe that there is money that`s being used that is being laundered, you`re subject to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”As highlighted in this February 2019 post, Representative Speier went on CNN and proclaimed the following about the FCPA:“It is a requirement that anyone doing business with a foreign entity make sure that none of the money that comes into a project has been laundered.”Most recently, Representative Speier went on CNN and continued to make false and misleading statements about the FCPA. She stated:“[W]e see that [President Trump] is willing to engage in criminal conduct, whether it’s in the White House or before he even became president. When he was willing to accept money from anyone and not comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which would require him to determine whether the money was laundered. And he accepted a lot of cash for many of his real properties. So you have criminality there.”Dear Representative Speier:Here is a copy of the FCPA statute. If you have any questions about the statute and what it covers, I’d be happy to answer questions. In fact, you can reach me at fcpaprofessor@gmail.com. Should you have any further questions, I invite you to my two-day FCPA Institute to elevate your FCPA knowledge.Regardless, please stop spreading false and misleading information about the FCPA. As a lawyer, you should really know better.To the media who continue to provide Representative Speier a platform to spread false and misleading information about a law – why?last_img
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