Love the sea Ruili bug algorithm caused by the circle after the earthquake station unspeakable pain


Chinese reflection: the webmaster can say that 99% of all rely on search engines to eat, love Shanghai is the absolute supremacy of the search engine, for the owners to love Shanghai ban means almost destroyed, but fortunately, love is fast reaction in Shanghai, if it delayed 35 days a week, I believe most of the webmaster basically will be on the verge of collapse.


through this thing, I think all the webmaster should seriously consider how to do, in order to reduce the dependence of the search engine, if you have a good way to welcome the exchange of ideas and.

Zhangjiagang real estate network.

January 4, 2015 morning love Shanghai webmaster forum moderator lvxianlei2010 official post told the webmaster, love Shanghai has received technical personnel and is actively processing, please shaoanwuzao, was friends laughing as aunt coming. The deadline of January 4th 3 pm, love Shanghai has gradually regained some of the site’s ranking, including the real estate network in Zhangjiagang, at the moment we only slightly relieved, as shown in figure

As the saying goes:

2015 New Year’s Day is a happy holiday for many Chinese, but for some Internet webmaster is a dark day, since the beginning of January 3, 2015 China largest Internet search engine love Shanghai, commonly known as Baidu to the beginning of the year the webmaster opened a big joke, where the CN domain name, domain name between the end of the.Cc domain name, web site in the search engine in the night disappeared, victims of countless small owners in addition to Sina, and so many well-known media, the event began with a pot opening will burst in the laggards forum, A5 forum, love Shanghai webmaster forum and many other owners gathered on the ground, and even some owners said hard for several years, back to the night before the liberation of feeling, absolutely no cheating even take the name of God in vain, broken boulders chest to fall in love with a world of ice and snow The sea that unfortunately China Internet gangster giant and we are not P people can interfere with

pain is endless pain left after the war, a single real estate network in Zhangjiagang, before the query tool has 400 key words included, most occupy the first love Shanghai, after this incident a few key words now has been restored, but more long tail keywords and some minor keywords are basically down to 3-10, after the Shanghai love a little mistake, we will take a longer time to wait, perhaps a few days, maybe a few weeks, maybe more…. But change an angle to think, I should be quite a number of early recovery site, also do not know whether it should open a bottle of champagne to celebrate, but think of but always feel a touch of sadness lingering in the heart, for there is no recovery of the webmaster friends, I just want to say again again. Wait, hope and victory in the front, Comrades must adhere to, and cherish.

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